15/04/19 SEO

How Should Dentists Market Their Business

For those of you who are looking to expand your dental practice or struggling to maintain your present clients, there are some great marketing opportunities available today. One of the most important is understanding the mechanics of running a good effective marketing plan. Particularly, those marketing ads and campaigns that will consist of using Dentistry SEO marketing.

Having said this, if you are interested in a successful online marketing solution, here are 3 things you need to know about Dentistry SEO.

How should dentists market their business?

In order to thrive well in any dental practice, the practice must be able to bring in new patients as well as design a marketing strategy that will strengthen its ties with their existing patients. Each practice will also need to define their distinct specialties in order to target the right audience in their local areas. This is especially the case for those of you who are factoring in all of the different marketing strategies that can be used. For instance, many successful marketers tend to use multiple strategies simultaneously by developing plans that reach out to the community to attract more patients while also launching a Dentistry SEO online marketing plan.

Why is it important to be found by customers in your local area?

Attracting new patients and keeping existing patients do not have to be difficult if you know how to keep in touch with your local community and its surrounding areas. Because the physical diameter of your dental practice is within a certain range for the people that you want to treat, you should focus your efforts on developing dentistry SEO marketing ads that courts your area’s mobile phone and laptop users. For example, many of today dentists and other local business owners are signing up for Google’s online business directories so that they can be easily be found, especially when people are searching for products and services near them.

How can a local SEO office help a dentist grow their customer base?

A Local SEO office marketing company can make a significant difference in the growth of virtually any dental practice. With some of the best marketing tactics that can be used to market different types of dental treatment plans and their respective dental firms’, these types of online marketing campaigns are completely transforming how target audiences are reached. For instance, dental firms can easily communicate to large local communities at one time when they are found on the top page of Google. Here are 3 great tools that many of these marketing companies are presently using effectively to grow their numbers.

Create Awareness with Facebook Ads

More than likely, the dental marketer is not concerned about displaying ads to a target audience outside of a 50-mile radius so the ads must be location specific. In order to accomplish their objectives, they can increase local Awareness via Facebook ads that give the prospective patient a link to relevant information like the address and the associated directions.

Provide Marketing Strategies for the Locals — Mobile Call-Only Ads

Based on the information that is provided by Google, the majority of healthcare-associated searches are made on an individual’s smartphone. With today’s dental marketers and the practices that they use should not cause them to miss out on these awesome opportunities. Particularly, since their ads can be created with an exclusive audience in mind that reaches out to mobile users online with their Google Ads.

Boost Page Rankings

Getting to the top of the search engine to achieve your goals and objectives is also one of the best ways to increase the numbers of patients for a dental practice. To be successful in this area, a dentistry SEO strategy must be devised using the latest search engine optimization requirements from Google. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Google has tools that give marketing specialists the ability to perform technical SEO Audits based on the current algorithm. These audits are designed to identify specific issues that need to be fixed to boost the sites ranking. Using these tools are very effective for beating out other local competition.
  • Google gives site owners the tools that they need to beat the mobile competition too. This is usually done by encouraging developers to devise campaigns that are considered to be mobile friendly.
  • Marketers can also boost the page rankings of their site by using the right keyword and keyword phrases for their dental business. For instance, local businesses should use long tail keywords so that they can be found much easier (i.e. dental practices phoenix or dental practices in Chicago).
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22/02/19 SEO

Real Estate SEO: How to Rank in a Volatile Industry

A lot of industries over the past years used to operate on print adverts, radio, and TV broadcast to market their businesses. However, industries are now shifting to internet marketing. One of these entities is real estate business and real estate marketing. Of late, people use the internet to source for information before making any investment. This fact places any investor doing internet marketing for a company at the most convenient position to meet customers. If you are a real estate investor, you can take advantage of this fact to increase traffic towards your business.

Online marketing is not that easy as people perceive it to be. You need to come up with tricks and plans on how to keep SEO for your business ranked high always. As a real estate investor or agent, it may be quite a challenge to know where to start. This article is going to give you essential tips that will see your real estate business ranked the best in search engines.

1. Use direct, clear, high-quality relevant information on your web

You need to create a website for your real estate investment and equip it with pertinent information. Your web information should be clear and on point. Clearly outline what you do and the solutions you give to people seeking the service of real estate.

Detained information attracts visitors to any web and increases the amount of time they spend on the website. Such customer helps the ranking of your SEO raise tremendously. Additionally, quality good web content makes people bookmark your information on Chrome browsers that boosts your SEO with Google.

2. Have nice looking images on your website

People tend to be more attracted to pictures than writing. Use color images with an eye-catching indent of your estate. Take photos of your apartment and its environment. You can do Photoshop if possible. Post them on your website.

Put eye-catching information on photos to attract the attention of visitors to read along as they through your images. That way your SOE will increase in ranking every day.

3. Use different communication media

People are attracted to different multimedia. Some likes images, others audio, while others get drawn to videos. Your website must have all this variety. As you take photographs of your real estate also recorded videos. A video should expose the best of your business creating a real picture in the mind of website visitors. A website that uses videos in marketing, its ranking is always double that which do not apply.

4. Let your web content have readability

Your aim is not to impress clients how educated you are. You are doing business, and your target audience level of education is different. You need therefore use content that everyone can read and interpret quickly.

5. Loading speed of pages

You must remember visitors do not have a whole day to stay on your websites. They come seeking what they want and utilize it. Visitors can leave your site to another even if there are to wait for an extra second.

Have small sized images on your website. Reduce the number of plug-ins. Use code that is clean and well streamlined. Finally, reduce the number of redirects. All this will increase your speed and rank your search engine high.

6. Have a contact us page

Google advises the website owner to ensure their web has a contact us page since it improves customers trust toward their business. In real estates, indicate the location apartments and help visitors find them by use of Google map. Put your office contact and emails for any client who feels the need to contact you.

7. Have easy website navigation to use

Display data and information in simple ways. Use key which directs customers what to access in every area. You can section your website in subheading each carrying its independent information.

Website with ease of access to its information always makes a client come to seek information now and then.

8. Have an option to share on your website

With increased social media platforms that continue to experience substantial human traffic, you cannot fail to have a sharing button on your site. When people share your content, it reaches new people that in turn bring more customers into your business. Sharing is as a means of raising search engine for any company.

9. Have a mobile optimized website

As a real estate investor, you must be inclusive your site must be accessible to everyone either through a mobile phone or computer PC. Google decided in 2015 to be penalizing companies whose websites are not mobile optimized.

Bearing in mind that over 80% of internet users use mobile phones to access online information should make you optimize your real estate website immediately. Doing this is for your benefit. It ensures customers can log in at any time without necessarily visiting a cyber.

10. Have header tags on your website

Format your web content well to guide your visitor. Reading extensive information is sometimes tiresome. Have a little definite information. Doing that makes customers spend more time on your site. That forms a plus for you since it improves your ranking.

Real Estate SEO is NOT Easy

Working to improve your real estate SEO is not easy as may sound. You need to commit yourself to work hard and compete with others for you to remain relevant in business. No one wants to venture in business and end up being disappointed. It is therefore essential to look for a mechanism to keep your real business going among your competitors.

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22/02/19 SEO

Optimizing Legal Sites: What You Need to Know

Most law firms are investing heavily on their website and SEO. They are already aware that the majority of people search for law firms’ services sites from the internet. According to research, about ninety-six percent of clients seeking legal services use a search engine. Out of this percentage, seventy-four percent of consumers go to a legal site to take action. This has resulted in the legal space being among the most competitive vertical in search engine optimization. Attorneys are increasingly grappling with the changing consumer preferences, technical online marketing barriers, and online competition through optimizing their law firm websites. This blog exclusively goes through what you need to know about optimizing legal sites.

Search engine optimization involves the configuration of off-site and on-site elements of a site for it to rank higher for keyword terms in the search engine results page. With about sixty to eighty percent of the total search engine market share is dominated by Google. Although most of the website optimizing tactics can be applied across many industries, they require to be personalized in the legal sector for them to be sufficient enough. The regulations and rules that have been put in place by state bar associations make legal vertical marketing to be different from other industries. As an attorney, you need to be cautious about how you represent your firms online.

Keyword Research Specifically For The Legal Industry

The first step in optimizing legal sites is keyword research. The right keyword will get your website to appear on the first page of the search results. Lawyers need to pay more attention to keywords with a purchase intent indicating the client is ready to sign up and receive legal services. More so, the keyword terms should have a large search volume to generate massive traffic for the legal site. You want to establish what people are inputting in search engines and the legal services they are looking for in terms of those searches. You can check out the keyword phrases in which your legal firms’ competitors are ranking for and make your content more valuable an relevant.

On-Page SEO

Titles tell a lot about a company. Similarly, Google uses the website’s title to judge them on their ranking position. You need to have a good title for your law firm that can explain what you deal with in a few words. You can use the title tag to give some details about who you are. Additionally, you should include google map on your website at the ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’ page. This will make it easier for your clients to know your location. Fill in your address by adding a Google+ local page. The law firm name and address should be consistent. These on-page SEO strategies will reward you by giving you more clients.

Calls To Action

Calls to action are essential in ensuring site visitors take action. For maximum optimization, legal sites need to have attorney-specific calls to action. Lawyer CTAs are different as well as requires an additional strategy concerning SEO. The lawyers call to action should be above the website page otherwise known as the fold. This is above the point at which visitors have to scroll down to view more information. More so, the phone number contacts should be indicated on each website page in a prominent location such as the site header. You need to show multiple ways in which site visitors can get to your law firm other than contact form and phone number.


Website content is one of the significant factors for search engine optimization. You need to upload valuable and relevant content blogs related to legal information. For lawyer SEO, the website content should be written by legal professions such as JDs, lawyers or paralegals. It should be content written by lawyers for lawyers. Various states have established rigid rules about online publishing of legal advice. Attorneys should write their legal firm’s site content in house, outsource the job to an agency with appropriate resources or hire a lawyer or a JD. You want your site visitors to see your legal professions through your site content.


In conclusion, lawyers no longer have an option other than market their legal sites online. They cannot afford to stay behind their competitors who are already optimizing their law websites. Many people are looking for legal services information online. Optimizing your legal sites for search engines will ensure that you appear on the first page of the search engine results page. Always remember that a well-optimized SEO is like a good wine, it will take time to achieve the results that you desire, but they will surely come.

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21/01/19 SEO

Website Migration: 5 Important Things You Need To Do

Websites migration can be very risky if not done well, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Proper website migration should be done to make sure everything is kept in place for the smooth website migration process. You need to be careful to stay on top of things you should and those that you should not do which do not affect the performance of your SEO campaign. It is always vital to ensure the user experience is not interfered with and offer a seamless transition. To help you migrate to your new website smoothly, here are five essential things you need to do.

1. Develop a plan

It is very critical to develop a plan for everything that you wish to do in life. That is not different with website migration process; you need to build a very detailed plan so as to avoid some downfalls that are commonly experienced. It is essential at the beginning to know exactly what you need to do and what you need to change for the migration to take place. The best way to ensure that everything is done as intended is to develop a checklist that will guide you well to ensure you do everything at the required time without skipping any. If your brand or company has already established a good reputation with clients, then you will have to break down the migration process into phases. This will help your customers to adapt slowly to the changes you are making to your site, unlike implementing a lot of changes at once.

2. Take an inventory of inbound links

The next thing you need to ask yourself is what the pages contain most inbound page views or links. If you don’t know then you are supposed to perform an inbound link analysis. This will help you to identify all the links that are coming to your site from different external websites. If you notice that an external site is linking to your website then you should not change the incoming URL of that page, or create a 301 redirect to the new URL page. If you decide to change the URL, then it is essential to redirect those pages to your new website. This will prevent your visitors from getting a 404 error when they try o visit your old site.

3. Create 301 redirect

You must have noticed sometimes when you click a link and a 404 error pops up, this error happens most of the time especially when the original page has changed its URL. This is a common mistake that can have a long term adverse effect to your website if the error keeps on happening to your visitors.

You can prevent this from happening to your newly developed website by creating 301 redirects before you initiate a website migration process. With the help of 301, you will be communicating to your visitors that you’ve migrated to a newer domain or a new server through search engines.

4. Don’t redirect all pages to your home page

By redirecting all your old pages to your new website is not only time consuming and tedious but can do more harm to your website than you can imagine. By redirecting all the pages will ensure all of your old visitors get to your new website, but they will not know where to go at the end.
By redirecting all the old pages to your new website doesn’t create a good user experience. The user will spend a lot of time trying to search what they were looking for from your website. It is not worthwhile to lose your longtime clients due to the short cut that you took when migrating.

5. Continue to keep possession of the old domain

It is essential that you follow the old domain for at least six months after you’ve migrated to your new website. If you are changing the domain of your website, it is vital to forward the old domain to the new website. This will enable the visitors to familiarize themselves and adjust to the new change appropriately. When you are about to delete the old domain, it is important to notify your users and visitors by informing them by email or advertising the change in the social media platforms

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18/01/19 SEO

Why You Need Google My Business for Your SEO

Over 50% of online users rely on Google when it comes to finding answers, especially for those pressing questions. For instance, an online user has locked himself or herself out of their home, business or car. And now, one needs the help of a locksmith in their area.

The first step a person probably take is to search on Google via their smartphone or tablet. To find what one is looking for, he or she will probably use a keyword like a locksmith New York or automotive locksmith Montreal. By using such keywords, online users can narrow down their search and find establishments within their area much faster.

But how is Google able to index ls of local business including their URL, telephone contacts and even the physical location. Well, the answer is Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

This is a free and easy to use online tool designed for organizations and businesses to help them improve their online visibility. Basically, the service provides tools for businesses to organize and promote their brands and locations on Google Maps and search engine. By enhancing your brand’s online visibility, you get to:

  • Attract customers from your local area
  • Retain the customers
  • Create lasting relationships
  • Promote your brand at an affordable rate
  • Increase your revenue
  • Provide valuable insights to your customers

So, do you need Google My Business for SEO?

Yes, you do and here are the reasons why.

#1.Great first impression

What would you like prospects to see online about your business? Would you like them to be greeted by no information whatsoever about your products and services? Or would you like your prospects to have a great first impression thanks to the many photos and videos about your products and services?

We bet its the latter. With Google My Business, you can offer online users the best side of your business. For starters, the tool allows you to display images of your storefront, and products. All you have to do is upload the images. By doing this, you create a great first impression.

#2.Rank higher on Google search engine

It has been said over and over again that content is king. This will always remain true as long as online users are looking for information and the internet is available. As a business, you can convert prospects into paying customers. All you have to do is provide information about your brand, products, and services.

That is not all. You can provide content about limited offers, discounts, and promotions in order to drive sales and increase your revenue. To do so, create content with the following attributes:

  • Keyword rich
  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Entertaining
  • Searchable
  • Evergreen

With your content ready, upload it on your website/blog and Google My Business should do the rest. Remember, this is a free advertising opportunity for your brand and it helps you rank higher on Google search engine.

#3. Attract your target audience

When it comes to SEO, finding your target audience is the main goal. How do you go about this? Apart from creating keyword rich, informative and engaging content, including geo-targeted keywords.

You can integrate the geo-targeted keywords with your social media business pages on platforms like Yelp, Facebook or Instagram. By optimizing your online process via Google My Business, it is easy for prospects and your target audience to find your brand online.

#4. Increase your local visibility

When creating your Google My Business profile, there are a few details you must fill in. They include:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Description
  • Category
  • Attributes

This information is indexed by Google that is Search and Maps. As such, it helps to create a foundation for your local SEO. Apart from the information above, you can provide your business physical location, opening hours, social media business page links and map.

This makes it easier for online users to find your business when searching using keyword phrases incorporated into your content. Since over 90% of search is made via smartphones, prospects have access to information they need.

When you incorporate this in your SEO strategy, not only do you get to promote your brand but improve your local visibility.

#5. Better review management

Today, business reviews are an important part of SEO. They can make or break your business. With your Google My Business account, you can convert reviews into a two-way conversation. Here is how to go about it.

When you log into your Google My Business account, you have a view of all reviews left by customers. Take your time to read the reviews and understand what they are trying to communicate. Are there claims true or not?

If you want to fix a bad situation, this is an opportunity for you. All you have to do is reply positively to the reviews. Even when the customer has left a bad review, reply positively. You don’t want to damage the reputation of your business.

Final Thoughts

If you are in search of a cost-effective solution that will help to improve your business online presence, the Google My Business is the right choice. For starters, it comes with a variety of tools that can be used to integrate into your SEO strategy. This helps to enhance your online visibility and helps you attract your target audience. Furthermore, it’s free.

Get started with Google My Business today!



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