19/12/19 SEO

Why Law Firms Should Be Using SEO Marketing in 2020

SEO marketing is a phrase most professionals have heard, and for good reason. Its popularity is mostly because of its success in the digital marketing world–SEO is the best way to increase your search rankings in Google. 

We know the value of using SEO marketing to drive organic traffic to our client’s sites. Law firm SEO marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive quality traffic to a law firm’s website. 

With the right tweaks to site content, a significant increase in site traffic can be seen. This doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time. To get the most from a website’s content, starting the SEO process needs to happen sooner rather than later.

How Law Firm SEO Marketing Can Help a Practice

Gavel next to keyboardSEO marketing is more than just adding a few keywords to site content. It’s a complex algorithm that uses a variety of factors. Google, the most popular search engine, is constantly updating its SEO algorithm. 

The three most critical elements of law firm SEO marketing are:

  • Domain-level link authority features: This measures the quality and quantity of inbound links. If a site has high-quality links, search engines view it as a trusted authority in the industry.
  • Page-level link features: Search engines measure the links back to a single page on every website. The higher the quality and quantity, the higher the site page will score.
  • Page-level keyword and content features: Each page on a website is part of the search engine algorithm. This measures the quality of site content like headers, body text, and images. 

Why do we want to focus on these? These factors make up over half of the ranking factors in Google’s SEO algorithm. This means a website needs to have high-quality content that provides value, and it needs to be optimized properly.

What is the value of SEO? Aside from potentially reducing the need for ad spend, SEO is a relatively inexpensive way to drive traffic to a website. It also adds customer-value to a site. Consider these statistics:

  • First-page clicks: When it comes to results that are on the first page of a search engine, the top five organic results make up 67.6% of all search clicks.
  • Content development: The best SEO tactic is on-page content development. Over half of all marketing executives point to this as their most effective tactic.
  • Keyword searches: Long-tail keyword searches result in a higher click-through rate than generic searches, at a rate of 3% to 5% higher. 

Law firm SEO marketing can potentially lead to higher page rankings and click-through rates, which ultimately leads to more business for law firms. And it’s not hard to do it right.

7 Law Firm SEO Marketing Best Practices for 2020

It can be tempting to throw a few keywords into site content and hope for the best, but there are better ways to approach law firm SEO marketing. 

These SEO marketing best practices below offer insight into trends for 2020.

1. Use keywords and phrases in headers 

Google compares around 200 different factors in its SEO algorithm, and headers are one way to boost the value of keywords and phrases. Use the keyword once in the H1 tag and use it again throughout the content if there are instances of H2 or H3 tags.

Secondary keywords may fit more naturally in headers. Consider variations on the keyword or similar phrases that may spark search results. 

2. Link back to relevant internal pages 

Internal links help solidify and strengthen keywords, but they need to be done properly. Use anchor text that complements the link. For a link back to a page titled “The Best Law Firms in Dallas,” consider using variations on the anchor text, “Dallas law firms.”

Linking to external sites isn’t as important. In fact, try to avoid using anchor text that competes with internal keywords and phrases.

3. Optimize ALT text and image file names 

There are a couple of reasons to use ALT text when placing images on a website. First, it can help people who use accessibility readers. Second, it’s effectively the name of the file. This means using the keyword in the ALT text can boost search engine results.

Image file names are equally important. People regularly perform image searches and having relevant file names will help direct people to the right page on a website.

4. Choose targeted keywords in the site content 

Part of Google’s SEO algorithm is to analyze the uniqueness of site content. Websites that have multiple pages with the same content aren’t ranked as highly as those with unique content. Use targeted keywords through long-form content on a website to boost SEO rankings.

Use keywords naturally throughout the content and try to find opportunities to place relevant internal links throughout the site content. 

5. Focus on content authority in the beginning. 

One of the primary factors in Google’s SEO algorithm is links back to a website from other trusted sources. This means that a website needs to have expert-level content that other professionals find valuable. Once authority has been established, gaining traction will be easy.

In the beginning, it’s going to take some effort to get the content noticed. Reach out to other industry professionals, network the content, and find ways to get the site in front of more people.

6. Create long-form content to boost keyword placement. 

While a lot can be said in just 500 words, longer content pieces have a greater chance of gaining ground because they answer more questions. A 3,000-word blog contains more relevant information and keywords than a short piece, just be sure that quality doesn’t suffer for higher word counts.

Long-form content is also practical for improving site authority, and there are several opportunities for keywords in the headers. 

7. Analyze and revise keywords and phrases regularly

Though it does take time for SEO marketing to produce results, it’s good practice to regularly analyze what keywords are being used and how they are performing for content on a website. Reports can show where there are opportunities for adding other relevant keywords.

Having access to site traffic data is the only way to see how keywords are performing. Use SEO marketing tools to analyze content and traffic information.

Tips for Improving Law Firm SEO Marketing Efforts

Search box overlaidLaw firm SEO marketing best practices are just one piece of the SEO puzzle. Including links and keywords can certainly boost rankings, but site traffic and engagement are necessary for those rankings to stick. There are ways to enhance readability that will improve how long people visit a site.

Use these three tips to improve law firm SEO marketing efforts: 

  • Write naturally: Use shorter sentences when possible and try to use a natural tone and flow. Don’t force keywords or phrases into the content. Try to place them sparingly and where it’s most relevant.
  • Do a keyword search: To optimize SEO content, perform a keyword search in Google. See what other search terms are similar and use them as secondary keywords throughout the site.
  • Read competitor sites: If there are competitors that rank higher, we recommend reading through their content to see how it stacks up. See how they use headers and internal links in their content. 

Writing for an easy reading experience is critical. If people have a hard time understanding content, they will stop reading. Use concise language and keep the message relevant.

How We Can Boost Law Firm SEO Marketing Results

Most law firms don’t have a marketing professional on staff, but that’s not necessary these days. The best SEO service for attorneys in Dallas can help put together a comprehensive SEO marketing plan that will increase organic traffic and boost conversions. 

We offer a full suite of services including content marketing, link building, and web design–all of which are building blocks to improving site traffic. We produce high-quality content that helps build domain authority and we understand SEO marketing best practices. 

Looking for a professional law firm SEO agency? Contact us at Best Dallas SEO for a free SEO audit of your website.


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09/12/19 SEO

3 Essential Ranking Signals for SEO Success

Providing website maintenance services often has us answering questions regarding proper SEO techniques and providing tips on SEO success. With recent changes to popular search engine algorithms, one common inquiry revolves around website ranking and ranking signals that help websites receive more quality traffic that nets them more conversions.  

While there are many ranking signals worth considering, here at Best Dallas SEO, we recommend starting with these three essential ranking signals for SEO success. 

1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

An illustrated picture of SSL

The first ranking signal our website maintenance services suggest looking into is a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

SSL certificates have been in use for well over two decades now, and it plays an essential role in cybersecurity. SSL is used to encrypt data and secure any transmission between servers and clients.

For example, a transaction between your website and your client’s browser. This is especially vital for any business that conducts monetary transactions. 

An SSL certificate is easily identified by looking at the web address. Instead of a simple “HTTP” at the beginning, a website with SSL will read, “HTTPS.”

Benefits of SSL

Not only does the presence of an SSL make consumers feel more secured when visiting websites, it plays a significant role in protecting a website’s reputation and helps build brand authority. Other benefits of having an SSL certificate include:

    • • Fosters a trusting relationship between your customers and your brand
    • • Guarantees safety for your subdomains
    • • Helps to Satisfy PCI/DSS requirements
    • • Affirms your brand’s identity
    • • Protects not only your data but your visitor’s data as well
    • • Future-proofs your business
    • • Ranking factor on search engines

How SSL Helps Website Ranking

An SSL certificate helps website ranking in several ways. Google started using SSL certificates as a ranking factor back in 2014; however, it has since begun pushing the importance of SSL. Thanks to recent updates, Google Chrome has already started displaying a website’s URL as Not Secure if they lack an SSL certificate. 

When it comes down to generating website traffic, this update can result in a severe decline not only in traffic but ranking as well. Why? Because visitors are more aware of the threat of cybercriminals and the havoc they can wreak. If a website is prominently displayed as unsecured, the chances of someone wanting to interact with it are slim to none. 

2. Website Security

With well over 200 ranking factors that Google considers when determining a website’s ranking, it can be hard to decide which elements to put first. Our website maintenance services highly prioritize website security for several different reasons. 

We already mentioned that having an SSL certificate plays a vital role in website security and in building trust between you and your consumers. However, several other measures should be considered when thinking about website security as a ranking factor.

Why Website Security Matters

With 68% of business leaders feeling as if their cybersecurity risks are increasing, it’s more important than ever before to secure our websites correctly. The total number of security breaches has increased by 11% since 2018 and 67% since 2014, according to Accenture

This doesn’t only affect consumers. The blame falls on us as business owners when cybercriminals hack our systems and get our client’s information. Not only does that affect our credibility, but it can result in millions of dollars in losses. Think about it – the average cost of a data breach as of 2019 is $3.92 million. 

So, not only are our clients vulnerable but so are we. Taking the time to secure our websites properly can help minimize the chances of a cyberattack. 

Ways to Secure Your Website

Website security comes in several different layers, so we suggest that you implement various security measures alongside having your SSL certificate. Some of these measures include:

    • • Perform backups of your website regularly
    • • Make sure you are utilizing password protection and strong passwords 
    • • Limit login privileges
    • • Update plugins
    • • Utilize a vulnerability scanner
    • • Protect your Wi-Fi connection
    • • Utilize Virus and malware protection for your website 
    • • Support HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Google prioritizes the protection of those online and in an effort to do this, they do emphasize website security as a ranking factor. This is especially true due to the increased cybercriminal activity over the last two years. So, take the time to properly secure your website for the sake of not only your business but your clients as well. 

3. Site Speed

Website speed illustration

Site speed has been a ranking signal for nearly a decade, first coming into play in 2010 when Google announced it for desktop searches. Site speed, according to Google, reflects just how quickly a website responds to web requests. The faster your site speed, the happier your consumers. 

Consumers Don’t Like to Wait

We live in a generation when people expect things instantaneously. The longer we must wait for something, the less appealing it becomes. This same concept applies to site speed. The more time a consumer has to spend waiting for a web page to load, the less likely they are to remain on that page. 

For instance, pages that have a 2-second load time see an average bounce rate of 9% as compared to those who have a 5-second load time, who see an average bounce rate of 38%.

When it comes to mobile site speed, 46% of consumers say that waiting for a page to load is what they most dislike about browsing the web on their devices. 

In the United States alone, internet search queries from mobile devices are expected to skyrocket to nearly 141.0 billion this year as opposed to 62.3 billion from desktop devices. So, while Google has used site speed via desktops as a ranking factor for almost a decade, they’ve implemented an update to include mobile site speed as well. 

In July 2018, Google released the “Speed Update” as a way to include site speed ranking signals for mobile websites. Since then, mobile-first indexing has been released by Google. 

Mobile-first indexing means that Google will be predominantly using the mobile version of a website’s content for indexing and ranking. This update was enabled by default for all new websites on July 1, 2019. 

Ways to Increase Your Site Speed

One way that Google has helped website owners out with their site speed is by developing the PageSpeed Insights tool. Users simply must paste their website URL into the box and hit “analyze.” From there, you’ll receive information based on the Chrome User Experience Report.

Receiving a low score shows that you need to work on ways to increase your site speed, and there are several different ways that you can do so, including:

    • • Reducing redirects
    • • Optimizing images
    • • Improving server response time
    • • Leveraging browser caching
    • • Removing render-blocking JavaScript
    • • Minimize HTTP requests
    • • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • • Minify all files, including HTML JavaScript and CSS files
    • • Run a compression audit/Enable compression
    • • Maintain a clean database 
    • • Fix all broken links
    • • Replace PHP with a static HTML whenever possible
    • • Reduce the total number of plugins used on your website and more

While all of this may seem a bit overwhelming, remember this: Site speed and user experience go hand in hand. Would you use a website that took too long to load? Or had too many elements trying to work at the same time? The answer is probably no, so keep that in mind during your site setup. 

Get Help with Our Website Maintenance Services

When it comes to getting your business’s site noticed and having it rank on search engines such as Google, there is a lot of information that you must take in. That’s why having a professional in your corner makes all the difference. 

Here at Best Dallas SEO, we not only focus our attention on helping you with SEO best practices, but we also offer services in SEO & Website Design. Our web designers can build your brand a website that allows search engines to not only find your site but navigate it with ease and understand your site’s content. 

From link building to SEO optimization and content marketing, our team at Best Dallas SEO has one goal: getting you the results you desire. 

So, why wait? Get your free SEO audit today and see what our team can do for you.


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16/10/19 SEO

Top 10 Reasons SEO is Important to Professional Businesses

SEO usage has become crucial for professional businesses for a multitude of reasons. Proper SEO practices are an effective way to gain visibility and awareness to businesses. There are all sorts of ways for businesses to utilize the internet for new customers and constant traffic. Professional business websites, social media, and online marketing ads are just a few ways to optimize your business qualities

Another great way for businesses to use the internet to its advantage is SEO. SEO methods are often free, used on multiple platforms, uses quantifiable and qualifiable data for research purposes, improves the user’s experience by giving credible information, and much more. 

SEO infographic1. Web Design Without SEO Loses You Big Money

The majority of business owners in the US have bought websites without first optimizing them to rank. So, what happens? They have a beautifully designed website that absolutely no one sees. 

If you plan and build your website with SEO from the ground up, then you are setting up your business up for success right away. This means that:

  1. The web design includes information architecture that is based on real organic keyword metrics.
  2. Content that is written from data mining competitive websites that are winning keyword terms in search engines like Google.
  3. Basic SEO (interlinking, meta info, image optimization, etc) are all implemented into the website before publication.
  4. Common elements that make up a qualitative site are added, including site speed and performance enhancers, CTA’s, forms, informational pages, and more.

When you don’t build your website with an SEO foundation, you are going to lose out on organic traffic–the highest converting traffic on the internet–and that means you lose the profits that your competitors are gaining.

2. Overtake the Competition by Increasing Business Relevance

Using proper SEO practices can often help businesses win over potential customers from the competition. As a successful business, we need to have the best practices for SEO content available so that the company will show up within the search engine. 

Not only is showing up within the search important, but the website is found within the first page of results – and even better, within the first five results listed – can make all the difference. 

All businesses have a particular niche, whether that be technical, food, industrial, fashion, health, etc. Zone in on the niche market key terms to both win over customers and overthrow the competition. Find a new, creative way to use SEO content to business advantage instead of using overused keyword terms of that particular niche market.

3. Affordable Visibility vs. Paid Advertising

When done right, SEO can be an affordable way to gain visibility compared to paid advertising. SEO is often free even, making this option more readily available, especially to businesses that may be just starting out. 

Think of using SEO content as an affordable marketing strategy. Rather than paying to be at the very top of the search results, utilize key market terms to rise closer to the top with time. 

Paid advertising does not always guarantee the top results position due to the extreme competition in business. SEO may take time and patience, but visibility is achievable.

4. Create a Positive User Experience 

SEO improves the user experience by providing straight-forward and high-quality information to our customers. Users want to visit a search engine and find what they are looking for in minimal time. The age of researching information through print media (newspapers, flyers, magazines, books, etc.) has had way less of an impact compared to online content, especially over the past few years. 

Now, just type into a Google or Yahoo search engine the main information we are searching for and the first five web links that come up are the most likely to be clicked and acted upon. We want our business to show up within those five – even better if rates at number one. 

A business website needs to have quality content for it to be worthy of users’ attention. Not to mention that attention spans are continuously declining each year thanks to technology, so proper website quality needs to be in place. For example, include customer testimonials and reviews, recent press releases, news articles, or blogs to add evidence that the business offers quality products/services.

5. Gain Customer Trust and Brand Credibility 

SEO adds credibility to the brand. The quality of the SEO content will bring customers who trust the business. Quality links include reliable information for the customer to check into. Customer and business engagement improve with positive brand awareness.

For instance, when a customer visits a website, they will usually know whether the brand is for them or not. The brand needs to speak to the audience in a clear and understanding way to show said audience this brand, product, or service will benefit them. 

Comments and suggestions from past customers are a good way to sort through information for relevant SEO content. Do not ignore the audience, but put the feedback into action for future relevance.  

Research studies, testimonials, reviews, and other related subject matter linked in through SEO also gives the user a way to gauge if the business is credible or not. Are there positive reviews on the product or service? Are the research studies reliable and include proper sources? Whether positive or negative, the user will use this information to determine their consumer habits. 

6. Gain Customers Through Local SEO Practices 

Best Dallas SEO deals in Dallas-Fort Worth. Due to this area covering so many businesses and holding so many customers, having local SEO practices in place for both the business and customer is imperative.

For instance, a user is looking for a local dentist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and within a 50-mile radius of their location. The user then types in a few keywords into the search engine, such as “local dentist,” “Dallas-Fort Worth area,” “within a 50-mile radius” and their current location.

The search results should then come up with a few options for dentists within their area. 

7. Turn Research into Quantifiable Results 

Using quantifiable research to gauge how profitable the business is another benefit of SEO. A good way to measure quantifiable data is using a conversion rate

An example of this would be a unique goal created by the business through the website – for example, purchase of a product, sign up for a monthly newsletter, or contact customer service for further information – divided by the number of visits to the web page. 

This will be a probable way to show how well SEO measures are working and what may need to be done to improve them. 

If the website is not receiving many purchase inquiries, newsletter signups, or customer service requests, SEO content may need to be reevaluated.

Another basic way to use quantifiable research is noticing the behavior of the user and how the website is being used. As a company, research and understand why a consumer acted as he did on the website.

Is the user clicking on the page for a few seconds and no longer? New and improved SEO content may improve this issue.

Did a customer click through multiple pages or scroll down for more content on the website, but then did not make a purchase, as is the goal? We may need to look into why a purchase ended up not happening even through all of the website action. 

8. Boost Business Sales and Profits

Proper practices of SEO are likely to boost profits. The other previous reasons we have discussed fall into play here. 

Overtaking the competition, increased and affordable visibility, a positive user experience, and credibility of the brand are all sources of a boost in profits for a company. SEO helps to make each of these sources happen.

9. SEO is a Long-Term Practice

SEO is here for the long-term. Not only is technology usage increasing and improving with each passing year, day, and even hour, professional businesses recognize this fact and are using it as a business advantage.

Websites, social media, podcasts, cell phone applications, and more are widely known and full speed ahead when it comes to businesses marketing their products and services. SEO content is within this category as well, and will not be disappearing anytime soon, and much more likely increasing in use.

10. Take Multiple Platform Usage into Consideration

Making sure a website works well on multiple platforms is a must. For example, the same website on a desktop or laptop computer will most likely look quite different when viewing on a mobile device. The website on a desktop usually has more information in one place, such as the home tab, contact tab, information on the product/service tab, FAQs tab, etc. outlined at the top of the screen. 

The same website on the mobile application will have less visible information so that the site runs as efficiently on a smaller device compared to online traffic. An example layout for a mobile device would be each of the tabs as listed above, but they would be found within a drop-down menu tab at the top of the mobile screen rather than as outlined per the desktop layout. 

The same goes for all SEO content. The clicks to other pages through SEO links must converge from one platform to the next. With an even flow of content and proper layouts for each platform, businesses will build their credibility with the customer.

Hire a Specialist for Quality Support

Now that we know how important SEO content is to a company, putting those ideas into action is the next step. When still unsure where to start when it comes to the SEO content for that business website, contact an SEO specialist

SEO specialists deal in researching keywords within industries each day to bring traffic to their clients’ websites. The quality of each SEO link is key, and a specialist can help guide and bring your website into the most relevant and credible searches available.

Conclusion: SEO is a Positive Asset

Whether hiring an SEO specialist or the business itself testing SEO approaches, the main idea is to have SEO set up one way or the other. Quality and quantity go hand in hand. Each of these objectives bring in traffic to a website and add to the user experience. Businesses do better with effective SEO.

For more information on SEO content or to look into hiring a SEO Specialist, please be sure to check out Best Dallas SEO and what the company has to offer.

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26/06/19 SEO

Difference Between SEO and Advertising

People usually find it hard to differentiate between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and advertising. You should note that traffic generated from advertisements is usually paid for while that generated from SEO is free and organic. There are differences between SEO and advertising when it comes to cost, rate of conversion, search results position, traffic potential, and use.

Position in Search Results

The position of an advertisement depends on various factors such as the number of keywords in your ad and landing page, target keywords and much more. Generally, advertisements usually appear either at the top or below SEO results.

SEO results only appear in the middle of a page below advertisements. The listing will appear on the first page or top positions depending on how you optimize your website. Note that your advertisement can get to the first page if you pay more. Your SEO listing will appear on the first page if you optimize your page well.


SEO traffic is usually free, while advertisements are paid for depending on the number of clicks. It is essential to understand that you need to put in more effort to get free traffic. There is a lot of competition for all the keywords, and you also need to have a good website plan for you to get the top positions. There are no shortcuts, and you should, therefore, be familiar with how SEO works for you to get impressive results.

Advertisements, on the other hand, depend on the number of related websites and keyword popularity. You pay for the number of clicks your advert gets. You can estimate the cost of each click on the keyword. The good thing is that you will only pay for clicks and not the views that your ad receives. The process may seem complicated, but it’s simple.

Traffic Potential

SEO can have great traffic potential than advertisement if you can rank your website well. You can manage to get more traffic if you use your keywords properly.

According to statistics, most people visit the top 5 websites. You can, therefore, continue receiving continuous traffic without paying for the keywords. Traffic depends on the popularity of your keyword. Organic traffic is better than advertisement traffic if you compare the results position and cost. Some people claim that ads get more clicks than, but that means that you will pay more.

Remember that it’s hard first page positions and paying for it may be your only option. You won’t get any traffic if you are ranked in the second or third page. The main advantage of SEO traffic is that it’s continuous if you appear in the top positions.

Rate of Conversion

A visitor is likely to convert in adverts as compared to SEO if your ad is highly optimized and targeted. This is because a web page might rank for different keywords, and the visitor might not be searching for the exact product or content on a particular page. On the contrary, you can only get visits to your advertisements if the visitor is fully interested in your product or content. Bottom line, SEO is excellent in terms of traffic but not as efficient as ads when it comes to conversion.

Ease of Use

Both SEO and ads are not easy to use if you are not familiar with them. It takes a lot of time for you to rank for particular keywords. Sometimes you may take years to rank or not rank at all. You can get good results from advertisements if you hire an expert or take a short course. You might spend some money, but you will understand how it works.


It’s a good idea if you use both approaches as part of your marketing campaign. Since Advertisements can bring instant results, you can test the keywords that have a high conversion rate and then use SEO to rank them. It’s advisable that you use SEO if you are operating on a tight budget and use ads if you have a high converting product. SEO takes a lot of time, months and even years to bring good results. However, SEO traffic flows continuously, unlike ads where traffic stops when you stop paying. Also, note that ads require close monitoring and constant updates. You may lose money if you don’t do ads correctly.

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15/05/19 SEO , Social Media

Top 5 Reasons You Need To Change Your Marketing Strategies Today

Running a successful business and keeping up with the ever-changing market can be tough. There will always be competition, no matter who your target audience is, and the key is to always stay relevant, keep up with the times, and tweak your strategies as you go. This includes changing market strategies frequently. In order to prosper as a business, you have to know when it’s time to try something different or something new. Here are key reasons to change your promotional procedures.

Reason #1: Times Change and Competitors Will Change With It

In order to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the times, you must stay up to date and work your business around what is new and what has changed with your target audience. The competition will be doing the same and this is why it is crucial to try to be the first one to equip your business with the recent changes. “First come, first serve”, applies to situations like this and it means whoever jumps on the next new thing first, will have a better chance of getting the business of new customers. Stale products or services won’t attract buyers, especially when there are so many others businesses who will be up to date.

Reason #2: Trends And Fads Come And Go

Trends are always coming in and going out like the seasons. Your product or services will have to be able to adapt to what is relevant now. Furthermore, customers like variety. You have to be able to accommodate what it is that everyone is looking for. One person may like one thing, while the next likes something else. You will reach a bigger audience if you are able to cater to what several individuals may be interested in, instead of focusing on one.

Reason #3: Laws, Rules, And Regulations Change

Depending on the product you sell, the packaging may no longer be up to code. This means you will need to re-strategize how you can go about changing your packaging to ensure it is compliant and implement it. In addition, an ingredient or material may have been recalled and you will have to figure out how to go about making your product without it.

Reason #4: What You’re Doing Isn’t Working

You may be trying to do too many things at once, that isn’t exactly working. You need to have a business plan laid out and a true goal in sight. If you aren’t seeing the growth that you should be, as a whole, it’s time to try something different. Sit down and evaluate things to see what can be done differently and what would need to be done, in order to achieve that goal.

Reason #5: Use Social Media And Local Avenues To Draw In More Business

In today’s times, almost everyone has some form of social media page or channel. Most businesses do as well. The key is to make sure that you are active on them and interact with your target audience. Keeping the page up to date is a must. Communicating when customers have questions or are just leaving reviews, is a way to gain their trust and show that you appreciate their business. When trying to reach a local audience, you can do advertising within your city or town. Signs, billboards, and newspapers are all great ways to get the word out to potential customers near you.

Everyone wants to have a successful business, especially after putting so much hard work and dedication into it. The goal is to continue to thrive and provide a product or service that is in demand, reaches a big audience, and connects with your target audience. Know who you are promoting yourself to and focus on providing the best service you can. However, sometimes additional help is needed. There are SEO professionals who can also take a look at your business/marketing strategies, show you what you can change to bring in more business, and help implement the changes.

Growing your customer base is one of the goals of owning a business. The more customers, the more sales, and that mean more profit. Changing your marketing strategies every 45 days is a way to promote this. Being fresh, changing with the times, and getting professional help when needed, can keep your business high up on search engines and enable you to have the success you deserve.


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