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SEO For Your Dallas Plastic Surgery Practice: 5 Ways SEO Can Help You Grow

Plastic surgeon talking with a female patient about plastic surgery options.

Plastic surgeons in Dallas have to reach a steady number of new patients each month. That is the primary way to grow their practices. Obviously, you know this already. But do you also know how to meet your target using SEO?

In this digital age, growing your business is mostly about becoming easier to find online. Reports show that 77% of patients use Google before booking an appointment.

Potential cosmetic surgery patients are actively searching the internet for answers to their questions. Most of them will choose the plastic surgeon to work with based on what they find online. Positioning yourself to take advantage of this will give you an edge over your competitors.

To boost your online presence and take full advantage of the internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. But what exactly does plastic surgery SEO entail, and why do you need it for your medical practice? Let’s dive in. We’ll briefly discuss the most important things you need to know below.

What is SEO for Plastic Surgeons?

This is an aspect of Medical SEO that caters to the digital marketing needs of plastic surgeons. Medical SEO encompasses the latest strategies aimed at making a plastic surgery website rank high in search engine results.

Google and other major search engines rank websites according to relevance. The implication is that the most relevant plastic surgery websites will show at the top of search results, meaning that users will see them first.

But how do Google and other search engines determine relevance? They use what is generally called a search algorithm. While Google keeps the specifics of its algorithm secret, good SEO practices entice the algorithm. The same is also true for the other internet search engines.

5 Ways SEO Can Benefit Your Dallas Plastic Surgery Practice

Primarily, SEO makes your website rank high in organic search engine results. This means that when internet users search the web for information related to plastic surgery, your website will be among the first ones that will come up. The benefits of good SEO include the following:

1. SEO Boosts Your Online Visibility

One of the key benefits of SEO for Dallas plastic surgeons is that it significantly improves online visibility. Besides securing higher placement for your website in search engine result pages (SERPs), SEO expands your reach through link sharing, backlinks, and content sharing through social media.

Overall improvement in online visibility allows your practice to take advantage of plastic surgery internet searches. Higher visibility also boosts your popularity, improving your chances of attracting more clients from your locality and beyond.

2. SEO Increases Traffic to Your Plastic Surgery Website

Seventy to 80% of search engine users focus on organic results. The implication is that most users will shun ads in search engine results and visit websites that have earned their high placement organically.

Also, many users don’t bother to scroll past the first page of search engine results. When your website earns higher placement, it will rapidly generate more traffic.

More traffic to your websites brings several benefits. First, it will significantly increase the number of qualified leads you get. SEO also yields quality traffic, which is what you really need. Improved traffic will also help to make your website rank better. The benefits of increased website traffic are enormous and interdependent.

3. SEO Attracts Qualified New Clients

Another significant benefit SEO brings to your plastic surgery practice is that it attracts clients who want what you have to offer.

Since most of the traffic you’ll get from SEO come from users who are searching the internet for information about plastic surgery, chances are they’ll need your services either right away or in the near future.

Local SEO also means that those within your locality will most likely find your practice at the very top of their search results, especially when their search queries have location parameters (like plastic surgeons near me). They’ll hopefully choose to give you a call or walk through your doors to obtain the services they’re looking for.

4. SEO Improves Website Conversion

Website traffic and other improvements will make more sense when there is an accompanying increase in website conversion. Website conversion is all about turning your website visitors into paying clients. This is the real essence of SEO and digital marketing.

Conversation rate optimization is part of SEO best practices and often yields enormous benefits; it will help you make the most of your online presence and every contact form filled out. The potential to test and improve is always there, no matter how well your marketing strategy works.

5. SEO Enhances Your Credibility

As a plastic surgeon, you know the importance of your credibility. Plastic surgery patients want to be sure they’re in the best hands, whether they need a job done on the breast, face, hand, trunk, or even genitalia.

When your website ranks high on the SERPs, most users will see it as an authority website. Plus, if the quality of your content meets or exceeds visitor’s expectations, they can easily regard you as an authority in your field. Enhanced credibility will bring you many new and returning patients.

Let the Experts Handle Your Plastic Surgery SEO

Like other practitioners in the Dallas medical field, plastic surgeons need SEO. The market is becoming more competitive than ever, and only those that take digital marketing seriously can survive.

SEO remains the best way to boost your online presence. However, it can be a daunting task for a busy plastic surgeon. Even if you have a decent digital marketing team, outsourcing to a company specializing in Medical SEO is a smarter choice.

At Best Dallas SEO, we start with a free SEO audit of your website. And based on our findings, we will follow up with a unique strategy that will improve your online visibility and get the results you need.

To get started, contact us to book a free no-obligation audit.

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03/03/21 SEO

Why Dallas Neurosurgeons Need to Implement SEO

Neurosurgeons looking over brain scans

When seeking healthcare information, most patients head to the internet to search for answers to their questions or find a Dallas medical office. It can be easy for your neurosurgical practice to get lost in the endless results Google pulls up when people conduct a search. 

There is a way for Dallas neurosurgeons to boost their presence on the internet and increase the likelihood that their website will be one of the first results in an internet query: search engine optimization (SEO). 

You want the content featured on your website to match what potential patients are typing into their search bar. Whether a patient is searching to have a question answered, purchase something, or find a physician in their area, your site needs to be optimized for what they’re looking for. 

By implementing SEO on your website and all the content it features, you will gain more eyes on your site and increase your digital presence. It will result in more patients discovering your medical practice and booking appointments. 

What is SEO for Neurosurgeons?

The goal of neurosurgery SEO is to use organic search results to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your website: 

Google and other search engines will look at what a person is searching for and best match them with the proper content. Your site needs to be established on key topics that are related to your services. Tailoring the information you provide will ensure that people typing in certain keywords into their search bar will be taken to your website. SEO will boost your website, ranking it high in search engine results. 

How Will SEO Help My Dallas Practice?

Ranking high in search engine results will help your practice in many ways:

Establishes Credibility and Increases Visibility

The higher your website ranks on search result pages, the more credibility you will have. With over 25% of people clicking on the first search result, your goal is to be in that number one spot. Having a high ranking will give potential patients the sense your practice is legitimate since it is one of the first results they see. Ranking high will also raise the visibility of your neurosurgery practice. It will increase the traffic on your website, converting site visitors into patients. 

You will need to have a well-designed website that is also user-friendly. If your website is properly optimized but people are taken to a site that is difficult to navigate and full of hard-to-understand language, they may exit instead of booking an appointment. Your website should give people a sense of trust in your practice and valuable information before they come into your office.

Attracts New Patients

Investing in SEO can help neurologists increase their website’s ranking, thereby boosting their traffic. That leads to more potential new patients coming to your site and looking at your content. If your website copy is optimized with relevant keywords and easy for people to understand, they will stay longer on the site—and hopefully, book an appointment. 

Google’s algorithms look at individual pages to rank them for certain searches, not the entire site. You should create microsites or landing pages for different procedures or services that you offer. With SEO-optimized web pages, search engines have more than one option to show patients when they conduct searches. This will result in your website ranking individually for each topic and boost your presence in internet searches. Specific content pages are also very user-friendly as it gives people exactly what they’re looking for.

Ways to Evaluate Your Current Neurosurgery SEO

Review your website for the current state of your SEO. There are ways to easily implement SEO practices into your website:

Read Through Your Web Pages

Have multiple web pages on your site, each tailored for a specific service. Check to see if they are easy to read and if the average person visiting the page will understand the content on there. Pepper graphics and videos throughout the text so visitors don’t see an entire wall of words to read through. All your content should have relevant keywords that potential patients will be searching for. 

For medical practices, long-tail keywords can be more useful than short ones. People could start their searches by typing in “neurosurgeon” or “neurosurgery,” but they will likely get more specific and look for “neurosurgeons in Dallas.” It will help patients that are looking for specific services in a particular area find your website. 

If you have a blog page, refresh previous articles and blogs with updated research and more eye-catching images. Optimizing old blog posts can increase the amount of monthly organic views by 106%.

Post New Content

One of the best ways for physicians to boost their SEO is to add more content to their websites. You want to be viewed as an authority in the neurosurgery field and developing high-quality articles will help you with that. You can also use this to work on your backlinks by linking to other sites within your articles. Having a high number of backlinks will increase the authority of your website and boost your search engine rankings. Tailor your content around specific keywords that your audience is searching for so it will show up in their searches.

Leave SEO to the Experts in Dallas

Figuring out the best ways to implement SEO into your medical website can be an intimidating task. There are so many things to consider, full of unfamiliar terms. Best Dallas SEO will conduct a free SEO audit on your website, developing a strategy to get your website ranking high on search engines. Our team of marketers will help you with SEO, link building, website design, and more. 

Contact us to book a free audit of your website.

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08/02/21 SEO

Why Your Stem Cell Practice Needs SEO

Stem cells help repair or initiate normal function by redeveloping or replacing tissue, cells, and organs. Stem cell therapy can assist with a myriad of health problems and can be an effective and beneficial procedure for patients. 

While many questions surround this regenerative medicine, its application is on the rise with more than 700 practicing clinics nationwide. This growth and a lack of public understanding about stem cell therapy make it challenging for clinics to gain a foothold in the industry. 

For a medical practice to succeed in today’s market, it must have a strong online presence. When people are looking for businesses like a stem cell therapy clinic, 81% of consumers begin on the internet. 

By developing a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, stem cell practices can raise awareness about their services, give people the opportunity to decide if that doctor is right for them, and ultimately convert visitors to patients.

What is SEO For The Medical Industry?

A doctor removing a stem cell tube

Medical SEO is the practice of enticing search engines to identify your medical business as the most relevant solution to their users’ problems and recommend you to their visitors.

By earning high rankings in search result listings, you position your business for success. Ways to optimize your website include:


  • Improving user experience: Quick load times and simple appointment scheduling provide a smooth customer experience, which is rewarded with higher search engine rankings.
  • Developing meaningful content: The more opportunities you create for content to align with keywords people are entering into web browsers, the more information search engines can scan for rankings. 
  • Backlinking to useful sources: Linking to valuable resources and vice versa helps to expand your reach, build credibility, and improve the customer experience.

Including photos and videos: Images can increase viewer engagement by 80%, which helps boost rankings.

By implementing a well-developed SEO strategy, businesses can build a following and carve out a place for themselves in a competitive market.

4 Reasons Your Stem Cell Practice Should Use SEO

SEO is important for helping a business stand out from the competition.  There is a crowded global market in the stem cell industry. And, you’ll need search engine optimization to compete. If you don’t do SEO, your competition surely will.

Here are four main reasons doctors and medical professionals in the stem cell market should emphasize SEO in their medical marketing strategy:

A doctor administers a stem cell injection on a patient

1. Increases Your Practice’s Visibility 

Because SEO enables you to optimize content with effective keywords and meaningful information, you’re more likely to secure a higher placement in search results listings. This is important because 75% of people don’t scroll past the first page of search engine results. By appearing high on the list, more people will see your practice and feel compelled to visit your site.

SEO’s link sharing also expands your reach by enabling you to appear on other websites with a like-minded viewership. When those readers come to your page, you’re attracting a new audience already showing an interest in your business.

Part of SEO is sharing content on social media platforms. Not only does this help you reach more people, but content is extremely shareable. People who are already following you will share their experience or your information with their own contacts, broadening your audience exponentially.

SEO provides numerous ways to expand your visibility. Whether it’s through ranking placement or shared content, the more people who see your information, the higher your chances of conversion. 

2. Helps to Generate Leads 

One of the best things SEO can do for a business is generate leads. After all, what good is a website if nobody is seeing it? When you improve visibility, you immediately increase the likelihood people will be driven to your site. But gaining an audience takes more than simply appearing as an option on a list of potential businesses. Publishing content that resonates, distributing useful resources, and developing a relationship of trust are all important factors in lead generation.

To really drive quality leads to your business, you must understand your audience. Determine who they are demographically. Identify what messaging they want to hear. Develop a marketing strategy that meets their needs and distributes information to them at the right time through the right channel. If your target audience is on social media, create a social network strategy. If prospects prefer email communication, write personalized messaging that speaks to them and addresses their specific needs.

3. Assists in Establishing Credibility 

Successful SEO requires you to keep online business information current and accurate. From hours of operation and address to physician biographies and insurance acceptance, quality information doesn’t just help with search engine rankings. It builds trust among your audience. When people know they can rely on you for correct information, they’re more likely to become a patient and bring you repeat business. They’re also more likely to leave positive reviews on your website.

People tend to trust the experiences and recommendations of others. In 2020, 87% of consumers were influenced by online reviews for local businesses. Positive mentions can gain viewers’ confidence and help to establish the credibility of your practice. This can drive traffic to your site and generate revenue for your business.

4. Empowers You to Position Yourself as an Authority 

The cell therapy market still poses many questions for people. From safety and effectiveness of treatments to which medical staff is most experienced in performing the necessary procedures, prospects need a leader in the industry to answer questions and appease concerns. 

SEO allows you the opportunity to provide articles and research findings to support the work you’re doing. Not only does this contribute to more content for search engines to scan. It provides invaluable resources for the public and confirms for them your knowledge, expertise, and ability.

Through SEO link exchange, you’re also able to provide other relevant websites with articles you’ve written or studies you’ve conducted. That helps more people view you as an authority and can assist in building your practice. 

Hire an SEO Expert

Establishing a niche in the stem cell therapy market has its challenges. However, with the help of a trusted expert like Best Dallas SEO, stem cell practices can benefit from an effective digital marketing strategy. Best Dallas SEO is a digital marketing and SEO consulting firm that can help you implement an effective SEO strategy that will boost your rankings, gain awareness, and direct traffic to your stem cell practice.

To discuss how to improve your search rankings and to obtain a free evaluation, contact us today.

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25/11/20 SEO

4 Tips for SEO in the Construction Industry

Word of mouth has traditionally been a successful marketing tool in the construction business. However, in this digital age where information is at our fingertips, consumers can make informed purchase decisions with very little effort. While it’s true that 92% of shoppers trust their friends’ recommendations, 81% conduct online research before making a purchase.

There are more than 2.2 million searches conducted on Google every day. For your company to stand out among the 1.8 billion websites in the world, you must have a strong online presence and achieve a high search ranking. Every company wants to increase the quantity and quality of website traffic through unpaid (organic) search results. This is called search engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO is achieved by recognizing what services and information people are seeking online and the phrases they search for to locate those things. With that data, you can develop content for your website that search engines will identify. When this is consistently done, your company will rise to the top of online search results, allowing you to reach a wider target audience. This increases views, generates leads, and drives revenue.

The objective of any business website is to draw visitors and convert their views into sales. The construction industry is no different. There are currently more than 700,000 construction companies in operation in the United States alone. To stand out in a crowded market, you must have a strong online presence that focuses on SEO to generate leads and gain clients. 

4 Tips for Construction SEO

The construction business is booming. Global construction is expected to become an $11 billion industry in the next four years. To set your company apart from the competition now is the time to strategize your online presence. Follow these four best practices for SEO to increase your reach, drive traffic, and generate sales.

1. Develop Meaningful Content

People turn to the internet for solutions to problems and answers to questions. Your page should provide meaningful content that resonates with your readers and provides value. This is not only important in attracting an audience and building customer loyalty, but search engines also use content in determining online rankings.

Search engines scan, review, and process the content of your website. Once this search engine crawling is complete, your web pages are indexed into categories. Their relevancy then helps to rank them in order. Websites that most effectively meet the needs of their viewers are considered a reliable resource and earn higher rankings.

Meaningful content could be as simple as listing your company’s contact information. Display clear, high-quality photos of some of the work you’ve done. Post reviews from satisfied customers. Provide useful information that builds readers’ confidence and earns their trust. This can increase your audience (and your sales) exponentially.

2. Use Strategic Keywords 

It’s important to identify what phrases people are using to search for your services and, hopefully, discover your business. When search engines are crawling your website, they’re identifying keywords on your pages that match what people are browsing. By strategically placing valuable keywords throughout your web pages, you’re increasing the likelihood of reaching your target audience.

When determining which terms to include in your content, consider using long-tail keywords. With a click-through rate 3%-5% higher than basic searches, long-tail keywords help narrow the focus and boost your ranking. A common keyword like “building” or “construction” would require enormous amounts of content to achieve a solid ranking. However, using a more descriptive keyword like “construction Dallas Texas” would result in a higher ranking position.

With keyword placement, it’s important to avoid stuffing your page with meaningless words. While it’s true that incorporating lots of keywords gives search engines more material to determine rankings, these aren’t meaningful to your content. Readers won’t come back for information that lacks quality. Even worse, they could leave you a bad review. Like any other content on your page, keywords should bring value to your users.

3. Include Quality Backlinks  

Links are an easy way for people to navigate among different pages on the internet. They’re also an invaluable element of SEO. They increase your reach, promote content sharing, and build consumer trust. When your site links to relevant external pages, these backlinks ensure visitors will find your information when accessed from outside sources. 

Links affect how search engines determine credibility and relevance to searchers. They’re one of the top two criteria used by Google’s ranking system. Backlinks are like external endorsements. The more quality websites that link to you, the higher your perceived value. This results in a better chance for high search rankings.

Quality links drive traffic to your site and can be the determining factor when search engines decide your ranking. For ultimate construction SEO success, direct your viewers to credible sources, like building reports or expert interviews, who provide meaningful information that resonates with your audience. Your readers will value the information and remember you as a helpful resource. All of this leads to customer loyalty, which equates to revenue.

4. Maintain a Smooth-Running Site 

The average amount of time a visitor remains on a website is less than 15 seconds. If they leave before then, chances are they had a negative user experience. With only 15 seconds to make a good impression, it’s imperative that your website runs smoothly and provides a positive encounter.

There are several contributors to high bounce rates. Remember those high-quality photos we talked about incorporating into your content? Consider embedding them so they don’t bog down your site’s load time. The credible backlinks we mentioned? Double-check that they’re functioning correctly. Nothing will instill doubt in a customer’s mind like a website that isn’t working properly.

Ensuring your website is running smoothly is important to your SEO. Search engines track things like how many pages people visit on your site, how long they stay, and whether they return. If people aren’t engaging with your site, you’re less likely to achieve desirable search rankings. 

Alternatively, a site that is easy to navigate and provides valuable information will keep readers coming back to interact with your pages. This helps instill customer trust, brand loyalty, and higher search engine rankings.

Builders Trust Best Dallas SEO

Successful SEO relies on several factors, and search engine algorithms are ever-evolving. Hire Best Dallas SEO as your digital marketing and SEO consultants. We’ll help determine and manage everything you need to develop an effective online presence. Let us help you gain higher search engine rankings, increase awareness, and drive qualified traffic to your construction company’s website.

Contact us today for a free evaluation and proposal. We look forward to bringing you quality organic traffic and propelling your website up the search rankings.

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10/11/20 SEO

Why Medical SEO Matters and How to Start Applying it to Your Practice

Medical tech banner

The internet is becoming an increasingly popular source of information for medical queries. 

Over 80% of internet users have searched for a health-related topic at one point or another. In fact, Google gets 70,000 health-related searches per minute. 

With all of these inquiries, you need your website to stand out. Every minute, you have the potential for thousands of searchers to come across your business during their searches. However, your page can also get lost among the thousands of medical results that pop up. 

Why is Medical SEO Important? 

To attract more visitors (and, as a result, more potential patients), you need to make sure that your website lands higher in the search result rankings. To do that, you need SEO. 

Companies in all industries are turning to SEO to boost traffic to their sites and increase conversion rates (turning viewers into buyers). Rather than paying to target potential patients with advertising, you can use SEO to bring the patients to you. 

Search engines prioritize pages that seem most helpful to searchers. The software analyzes keywords, click rates, how much time people spend on the webpage, and more to determine which pages are the most helpful for any given search. Those pages are then ranked highest. 

Using medical SEO on your website will increase your visibility and attract more patients to your business. 

4 Tips for Getting Started on SEO for Medical Marketing 

When implementing SEO for your medical website, these are four of the most important things you need to keep in mind: 

1. Address a Specific Problem or Need 

Everyone who initiates a Google search is looking for a solution to a specific problem. Whether there is a piece of information they need or a service that could help them with an issue, your website could be the place they go to find it. 

Providing quality content that internet users find helpful is the first step to having good medical SEO. 

Based on your area of expertise and the types of services you provide, identify what problems and needs your potential patients may have, and create content that addresses it well. 

People who find helpful information on your website are more likely to click on other pages and use your services. 

Offer Helpful Information 

Provide internet users with information that can help them solve a problem. Create blogs that talk about topics on which you are an expert (for example, how to treat a specific health condition), or on issues

related to your service (such as medical insurance questions). Offer your services in a way that clearly acknowledges the issues that potential patients are dealing with and shows how you can help them. 

Use Strong Keywords

Think about what kinds of questions your patients might have or words that they might search if looking for your specific services. Identify (using a program such as Google Keyword Planner) and include a few of these in your web pages to help readers and search engines understand what each specific page is about. But, if you overuse keywords, your content will become awkward and unreadable. 

Create content that is trustworthy and beneficial for readers to establish a greater authority for your website. 

Bonus: Consider accessibility for users with different disabilities or assistive technologies. For example, you can improve usability for patients with visual impairments by using proper formatting for all of your text and including descriptions for images. This allows their screen readers to properly read and navigate your page. 

2. Make the Page User Friendly 

When exploring SEO for your medical website, remember that user experience trumps everything else. If people do not stay on your page, your ranking will drop. 

In addition to providing useful information or services, your website should be easy for visitors to read and use. 

Your page is more likely to rank well if: 

  • The content is well written: no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or awkward phrases
  • The format makes for easy reading: use lots of space and break up text into headed sections
  • Your website is simple to navigate: you have an easy-to-use menu, clear contact buttons, etc. On the other hand, searchers may become easily frustrated and leave your page if:
    • ◦  The page loads too slowly 
    • ◦  There are a lot of pop-ups
    • ◦  The website is poorly designed (visually cluttered, difficult to navigate, etc.) 3. Optimize All Features for Machine Reading 

Make sure that search engines understand what your web pages are all about. While search engines can often read and interpret the information on their own, there are a few ways that you can help them. 

First, use the proper headings and list formats for content so that the search engines read and interpret the text more easily (like with the screen readers). 

Secondly, include meta data. Meta title tags and descriptions are included in the text that internet users see on a search results page. Using meta data guarantees that searchers readily see what your page is about instead of trusting the search engine to generate the information automatically. 

You can also include medical schema to help search engines get a better idea of the content on your web page.

4. Focus on Local Search Results 

Since your medical practice will most likely be serving patients within a certain geographical area, focus your SEO efforts on local search results. 

Consider optimizing certain pages with local keywords (i.e., “family doctor in New York City”). Narrow your search results to better target internet users who are looking for your specific service in your area. 

Completing the Google My Business page is also important. This feature allows your practice to show up in “near me” searches. By filling out all of your business information in Google My Business, you increase your chance of appearing in a Local Map Pack. 

Google Search screenshot of local doctors in Dallas

Start Using SEO for Your Medical Website 

In a sea of web searches, medical SEO can help you stand out and get the right people to your website. 

Using the four tips above, you can start to apply SEO to your site and begin to draw more traffic to your business. 

But these tips are just the beginning. If you want to take full advantage of the benefits of SEO, you should consider hiring an internet marketing director.

Ready to take your website to the next level with expert SEO? Contact Best Dallas SEO for a free needs evaluation and proposal.

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