Rave Customer Reviews for Best Dallas SEO

Hello Shelley, I hope all is well with you. You don’t know how many times I have thought of you this year, and done one of those mental “THANKS” that I found you and your services. I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks again.

– Rick

Thanks Shelley!… You have no idea how appreciative we are for everything you’ve done… I don’t know what we’d do without you!! 🙂

– CH, Fort Worth, TX

Shelley, I can’t thank you enough for getting our site back up and running!! All my best.

– Scott F.

Just wanted to praise you some more. I have just looked at my last 2 reports and did an investigative search of my rankings by searching my own key words. I am back on the first page again for the top terms. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Appreciate your work.

– RH, Dallas, TX

You get what you pay for, again you have exceeded expectations!
You are truly the best vendor I have ever worked with. You have no idea. I thank Brian all the time for you. Thank u sister!

– GM, Dallas, TX

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Shelley is by far the best SEO professional I have ever worked with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated and that shows in everything she does. The SEO , continued updates and site changes she has managed have made our business thrive. We are now on her monthly program and it more than pays for itself. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to rank well and do business with an incredibly ethical person. THANK YOU Shelley for your expertise, candor, and your passion in what you do! You are truly exceptional.

– Tami Boggs, Dallas TX

Re: Progress… You are being modest. It far exceeds my expectations!! Yea! It looks fantastic! It has everything I sent you in concept form but so much better. I am estatic! You are such a professional!

– Dan, Dallas, TX

Good morning Shelley, I have been meaning to let you know how my web site is doing. Almost from the first day that you said that your work was done, I started receiving phone calls, mostly from the out lying areas, Little Elm, Frisco, Rockwall, Caddo Mills, Mesquite. Not much from Dallas, but under some google searches, my position is moving upward. I just wanted to let you know how pleased and happy I am with your efforts. Thank you so much.

– Rick

Shelley, great job with the sites, I can’t believe the immediate impact your work has had…


J & S, The Dallas SEO guru I was telling you about is Shelley Cates. Her website is here https://www.thetruthnetwork.com. I have used many SEO people in the past. As you and I know, many of them promise the moon but deliver zero. Shelley is the real deal. I trust her implicitly. I have been with her for about 5 years and I now rank #1 for the most competitive search terms in an extremely competitive field. Your market is much less competitive. I am confident she will be able to get your website ranking very well in short order. She can tell you more about the packages she offers these days for new clients. But she is in high demand, so I would recommend that you contact her soon so that you can get on her list. Good luck.”

– KB

Hello, I’m Alex and I am from the metroplex area and I just wanted to say here that Shelley is absolutely as wonderful as can be in helping adress your website concerns. I have nothing but the best to say about not only her expertise but how down to earth friendly she is, exceptionally good at resolving any issues you might have with your SEO and is very forthright about successes and the realism of how to achieve success and a pleasant joy she is to work with. I highly recommend to any and all for any situation that may need to be addressed. Trully a 5 STAR individual. I highly endorse !!!

– Alex G.

You Rock!! Best Customer service ever…

– Tom M. Thomas II, Dallas, TX

Shelley handles all of the SEO related to my website, and she’s awesome… definitely the go-to SEO guru.

– C. West, Dallas, TX

We brag on you all the time!! 🙂

– CH, Fort Worth, TX

Shelley, Rankings are getting better. We are receiving more calls. Have further to go, but you definitely ROCK! We are consistently asked who does our SEO work and we give them your name and your contact information. Thank you,

– CP

Truly you are the most efficient, creative, dependable, innovative woman I know!

– Ellen Simon, Dallas, TX

Hi Shells, We are busy as can be. I’ve got another lawyer now and 4 (yes 4) paralegals. When I started this practice I was working out of my house with the old website and no SEO. You built the new websites and optimized them and now I have 2200 square feet of office space and 5 employees. Wow : )

– TT, Dallas Attorney

Hi Shelley, Thank you so much for everything you do for me, I really appreciate it…God Bless you!

– Liliana

You’re incredible. I love you. (Can I say that?) lol. Thanks. Respectfully,

– R.M., Dallas, TX

Greg, Shelley Cates can be reached at 214-212-2495. She is the best SEO in Dallas and I have zero doubts about that! You can call her at the number above and email her at webmaster@thetruthnetwork.com. She will be happy to walk you through what it is that she charges and what that entails. Thanks!

– JF, Dallas, TX

Thank you, Shelley… I also want to thank you, again, for the SEO work you did for me. It’s been great. If you ever need a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Regards,

– A. J.

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And appreciated… XO! – In the last 12 months, I moved from a home office to a commercial office space and had to hire staff because of the business increase your website design and optimization gave me. I recently had to move to a bigger office and add more staff because of the continued business increase I have experienced thanks to your expertise. Thank you again.

– Thomas, Dallas, TX

Hey Shelley – …just wanted you to know, the website is rocking and rolling! It’s doing better than we ever imagined. Thank you so much!…

– CH Dallas, TX

You are awesome! Our phones are ringing off the hook and I did a search over the weekend and we are coming up #1 in some areas and #2 in others.

– ZT, Dallas, TX

Shelley, This looks great! Thank you for your understanding and your customary attention to detail. I am grateful for your professionalism. Thank you for taking the time to get this right. Best,

– JY, Dallas, TX

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Shelley Cates. She is an experienced, intelligent professional who knows her highly specialized business very well. She was timely, extremely efficient, and offered a practical solution to optimize one website while creating a new one for even better internet exposure. She did a spectacular job understanding the project and being sensitive to the website content. She works cost-efficiently and very productively without debate or technology hassle. I am grateful to have found Shelley and would recommend her to anyone seeking the consummate SEO professional.

– Julie, Dallas, TX

I hit 200 dismissed cases – over 100 are leads from your site! THANK YOU!

– TMT, Dallas, TX

Thank You Your Majesty the Queen of SEO, Her Royal Highness of the House of Dallas, Princess of the Internet, Duchess of Ranking, Countess of Finding, Baroness of cut the caca.

– GM, Dallas, TX

THX AGAIN! Your web design and search engine optimization services increased my business to the extent that I was forced to move out of my home office and into an office building with staff : )

– Tom, Dallas, TX

Hi Shelley, Hope things are good. My website is near the top on most of the cities. I have booked at least 5 jobs the last couple weeks from the site. It is working. Thanks.

– SR, Frisco, TX

You are fantastic thank you… site is increasing in rank every month. For many search terms I am 1 and 2 both… For the more commonly searched terms, where I started off around 7-8, I am now around 4-5 and I think it is getting better…

– T, Dallas, TX

Hi Chris, …Let me just say that you are fortunate to have Shelley as your SEO. She’s referred clients to me for several years now, dozens of them. Never once has she sought to benefit personally although I make thousands of dollars every year from her referrals. But she refers people to me because she knows how well my program works and she wants the best for her clients. I’ve had dozens of web designers and SEO companies approach me over the years always trying to figure out how they can piggyback and profit from my program. She’s the only one who’s never sought quid pro quo.

– Ken S.

Subject: here is my recommendation for an interested party… On a scale of 1-100, where 1 is terrible and 100 is terrific. Shelley is a 101! Best investment I ever made. Plus, she gets on things very quickly.

– SZ, Dallas, TX

I had a great experience with Shelley. I highly recommend her. I gave her a list of 8 searches that I wanted to rank well on. She got me ranked #1 on all 8 searches (on all 3 of the major search engines).

– CM, Dallas, TX

I told this prospect that you are a crook and to run away like crazy! Seriously, I told her that I would personally guarantee the retainer.

– GM, Dallas, TX

Your website design and optimization has totally changed my life – I cannot thank you enough for what you did – business is better than ever.

– Tom, Dallas, TX

Hey Shelley, I just want to say thanks for your assistance with my website a few months ago. You did not have to go out of your way to help me research what was wrong with my site, but you did and it is greatly appreciated. Your expertise used in making me aware of duplicate content issues has gotten my site back on the right track. Thanks again for your help! I was ready to throw in the towel and start from scratch. Please feel free to use any of my email for a testimonial.

– JL, Dallas, TX

Let me tell you, I’d be out of business without Shelley. Work was slow. I was desperate. I tried everything. Larger ads in the Yellow Pages was first, and it almost sunk us. I tried mailers. I tried knocking on doors. She finished in June, and the work started coming in in July. We thought it was just a summer rush. Then more calls. All from the website. We used to get 2 or 3 calls a week from it. Same format pretty much. Same pictures and stuff. Then the calls kept going up. We get about 20 calls a week from it now, and sometimes more. I get 3 or 4 emails a week from it, but most of the customers call us. Every single day we thank Shelley. I’ve got 60 workers now, instead of 15, year round.

– Dennis Rials, Dallas, TX

… you are a 10 in my book, smarts, honesty, trustworthiness!

– Guy, Dallas, TX

With Shelley designing and optimizing our website, it has brought us to being the number 1 Carpet Cleaning company in Google searches in our home city and first page in most of our surrounding cities, this has brought us enough business to drop a $2,400 a month advertising campaign! We can’t thank her enough!

– JS, Dallas, TX

Dear Shelley, Thank you so much for all your help and information! Our statistics of new visitors and returning visitors has increased coincident to your actions on our website – so this is good! I’ve learned a lot just working with you… We really appreciate everything you have done! You have created a very happy customer who has already started referring and telling others about you – so hopefully you will get other business from our “neck of the woods”. Have a great day! Best,

– Ari

Shelley did a great job on my website optimization. She charged me $2,400. It took about a week to complete the work. She finished in early March 09 and by the end of the month IFG was on the first page of Google. I am receiving 4-5 calls per month from the website and I already signed a new customer, so it has been worth it for me.”

– TMK, Dallas, TX

Hi Shelley, The new web site looks great and I have gotten a lot of compliments… Thanks,

– Scott, Dallas, TX

…Google Fort Worth commercial landscape NUMBER 1, Houston 2, Dallas 1…Yahoo Dallas 3 & 4… Yahoo Houston 1… Yahoo Fort Worth 2 & 3… You are fantastic!

– Guy, Dallas, TX

…Shelley charged me a $2,000 one-time fee over a year ago, and my Google rankings are still impressive…

– Chad, Dallas, TX

…you certainly did your job wonderfully so if anyone ever needs your service I will scream it to the heavens!!!!!

– HG, Dallas, TX

… I’m cc’ing this e-mail to Shelley Cates who is my webmaster. She is a paid search engine optimizing expert and does great work. My business is flourishing thanks to her. If you’re willing to invest a little money, she can help you get on track to get your company optimized. For simple proof, go to Google, type in “SEO Dallas” You will find her company thetruthnetwork.com ranked 1 or 2 on the search. For me, someone who can get their own company on top in their own field, is who I want working for me. Regards,

– RM, Dallas, TX

I wanted to let you know that the optimization is working very well… the majority of my patients are now coming from the internet-60%… your work exceeded my expectations.
Thank you and Best regards.

– Scott, Dallas, TX

… while many competitor’s phones are disconnected, they are laying off workers, and even talking about shutting down because of the lack of work… their yellow pages bill eating them alive… Bedrock receives, because of you, about 70% of it’s calls from the Internet. That’s why I haven’t been working more on the website, because I’m so busy. We’ve expanded from June to double our staff. I just hired another estimator. We’re supposed to be slow in the winter, but we’re booked up for a month at least. Thanks again for the good work, and I’ll be working soon on some improvements. Whatever we did, it’s worked pretty well…

– Dennis, Dallas, TX

Shelley, I have had A LOT of design work done for my other business. NEVER has someone got it right the 1st time congrats. I knew I picked the right person… thanks for going above and beyond… Good Job,

– Burch, Dallas, Texas

Shelley, Some good news… I landed a $10,000 job last month in Fort Worth and I’m currently working a $36,000 4-week job in Glen Rose… Both of these came from searches on Google… added another $90,000 in retainer fees through 2008!

– Randy, Dallas, TX

Shelley, how are you? I just wanted you to know I have spoken with a couple lawyers the past week who were checking out references for you to do their website. I told them to definitely hire you!!! I gave you a two thumbs up! LOL. Anyway, I hope you get their business. Talk to you soon.

– CV, Dallas, TX

… By the way, just landed a $20,000 job from my Los Angeles website. Thanks.

– RM, Dallas, TX

… You have done a wonderful job and I tell everybody about you…

– GM, Dallas, TX

The SEO service that Shelley provides is truly FIVE STAR! She has delivered on her goal to optimize my site for the search engines. When I investigated this process, I received quotes from companies requiring large up front fees plus monthly retainers. I doubt that any of these companies would have done any better. Shelley is honest and efficient. She is able to follow up on my requests quickly, often within a few hours. She has my highest recommendation.

– SZ, Dallas, TX

…I am very happy with the site… Your Dallas search engine optimization works awesome. We get calls daily…

– TM, Plano, TX

Shelley, We are very pleased with the progress to date. We have rocketed up the rankings with many of the better keywords and our web site is definitely getting hit more often… Thanks again!

– Greg, Richardson, TX

Subject: Google, Yahoo & MSN Rankings – Right now I’m #1 for all eight of my searches on Google (and was only #1 for four of these eight searches before you did the optimization)… I am on the first page of all keyword search term combinations for three search engines… I’m very pleased with these results! Thanks so much for your help.

– CW, Dallas, TX

… You are awesome and I will send everyone I can to you!

– JS, Southlake, TX

Thank you for your time and responsiveness. You are the best and I have told several people about you.

– Guy, Dallas, TX

…Our website is working well, lots a calls from it!!!

– Penny, Dallas, TX

Thanks Shelley… you’re wonderful. Check out our rankings when you have time…they all seem to be up!

– ZT, Dallas, TX

Shelley, Thank you for the great work on my website. It is has been a very effective improvement over my old site. In fact I have received over twice the business leads since you updated my site. You were very easy to work with and very responsive to my needs. I could not be happier with what you did for my company! Feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks!

– Mark, Dallas, TX

… You have done a great job keeping me on the front page at Google.

– Mark, Dallas, TX

Shelley, SIMPLY AWESOME – GREAT JOB – fonts and graphics are perfect !!!!!!!!
You made my weekend – thanks for expediting!!

– Dennis, Dallas, TX

Thanks, I didn’t know the technique on this. That’s why I like working with you – and you should talk this up in your marketing or your web site – you are different because you partner with your client, AND you engage in a knowledge creation and transfer process so the client is empowered to understand their application and make ongoing changes too!!

– DC, Dallas, TX

Shelley, got my 1st estimate from a potential client who viewed the site! Thanks. Keep pushing me to the top of the heap baby! Love that placement! Ding ding! just got another about an hour ago…. thanks again!

– Steve, Arlington, TX

Shelley, Just a note to say “thank you” once again. The eoeministries.org website is right on what we were looking for. Two days into being on line we have already had several of our contacts comment on the professional, “first class” look. Naturally, we are not surprised, just pleased once again.

– Larry Buck, CEO, Fort Worth, TX

Dear Shelley, You could not have done a better job on designing my website if you had had electrode sensors attached to my cranium! I am happy that I located you and that you worked me into your work queue… please consider this check as a grateful heartfelt gratuity. It looks soooooo good!… Again, thank you for all your excellent advice and hard work. Sincerely,

– DU, Dallas, TX

Hi Shelley, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating our new website. The final result is very professional and you were easy to work with. Please feel free to use my site/me as a reference. I look forward to our continued relationship.

– KS, Dallas, TX

Shelley is very conscientious and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone, as she is honest and dependable. …she supports my life purpose… That is very rare and I treasure that more than anything… Shelley is one of the few people in the world that I totally trust. She has NEVER let me down. She has my credit card and bank information and There are not many I’d give that to…

– ECS, Dallas, TX

Shelley, You are the SUPERWOMAN of web site creations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, great job on that compass. Have a nice weekend and will chat with you on Monday.

– Tom, Brazil

Not too shabby! Look at Google….we have been #1 in auto accident Dallas! Great job!

– Zach, Dallas, TX

Shelley, I love it, great job. I will send you some tweaks. Can’t wait to get it on line. It amazes me how you don’t know our business but do such a good job of communicating it the way you have. Thanks,

– LB, Fort Worth, TX

Great Job… We are all impressed. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

– Scott, Dallas, TX

You are amazing!!! Shell, I just went to our site. I am so pleased with the work you have done!!!! I am overjoyed with your ability to take swift action and create excellent results. Are you real? Thank you for going forward with me. You are the greatest!! Wow.. it’s all I can say!

– Ellen, Dallas, TX

You have done a job above and beyond anything I could expect. Your patience and courtesy have been outstanding. You are definitely someone I am, and will, brag about. Thank you soooooooooooo much. Your Friend,

– Wes, Dallas, TX

Hi Shelley, I was amazed at the speed with which you were able to get the site up and running. I think it all looks wonderful. As I go through it I will see if we need to tweak anything. Thanks for your help in getting us web presence. Best regards,

– Craig H., Dallas, TX

As our corporation continued to grow, it became more important for our company to develop a strong web identity as well as a highly accessible presence on the Internet. After struggling to market and promote our web site, our I.T. professional recommended Shelley Cates for her website design and optimization services. Since retaining Shelley, she has done a brilliant job redesigning and optimizing our web site. After just a few hours work, our web site has risen all the way to the top of ALL the search engines and is still there! We could not be any more excited about our web site placement and the way it has helped our business grow. Shelley knows just how to maximize any site to it’s fullest potential and her fees were very reasonable especially for someone with her qualifications and knowledge. We were so pleased with Shelley’s work that we built an additional corporate web site, which is also first class. Thanks to Shelley, our website has enabled our company to grow very quickly and gain the highest recognition in our industry. We strongly recommend Shelley Cates for her web site design and optimization services.

– Chris Dolan

Shelley, I am so impressed with your excellent work updating the site. It is so gorgeous and I really wasn’t expecting it. Since we are beginning to be connected to so many other sites, I am really pleased that we have such a stellar website. You are a super star!!! Love,

– Ellen, Dallas, TX

You are amazing. I am totally blown away. The site is beautiful. You rock.

– SD, Dallas, TX

I like it and as always your essence shines through your work. You are an incredible gift to me and to those who’s path you grace. I have already received new clients from my new look site and the comments have been outstanding. Thank you Shelley for your commitment to excellence and for bringing forth my truth on my web site. You are an artisan of artisans.

– Dr. Stephen Duncan, Dallas, TX

Shelley, Thank you so much for your commitment to excellence. You have been outstanding with the web work. Everyone talks about how “rich” my site looks… You are truly a bright star in my Universe. Peace & Blessings,

– Dr. Stephen Duncan, Dallas, TX

I am so grateful to have you as a part of my business. You are so positive and encouraging. Please quote me on everything positive I have ever said to you and you can embellish it and add whatever else you want as MY TESTIMONIAL TO YOU, MS. CATES!!

– Ellen, Dallas, TX

Great job Shelley…we’re thrilled with your work! Thank you so much!

– Nelson, Frisco, TX

Shelley, We are very excited about our placement. Thank you. We noticed it last week and it seems to get better all the time. We have been busy with home shows and new employees. In the near future we will be making some additions to the site. We have a new smaller collar that needs to be showcased so I think that may be our next addition. Thanks for a good job. We will be in touch.

– CD

…I have such peace of mind with you handling my web site, Shelley. You are such a professional!

– Jill, Plano, TX

… Shelley is GREAT! Shelley is GREAT! Shelley is GREAT! Shelley is GREAT! Shelley is GREAT!

– Jill, Plano, TX

Barbara, Thank you for staying in touch. I am glad you like the new web site. I respect your opinions due to your professionalism and sense of taste and style. My new webmaster is Shelley Cates (whom I am copying on this email.) And Kudos to Shelley, she is another professional with a good sense of taste and style. She is easy to work with and I do not have to explain things to her over and over. She is efficient with her time, and lets me know where I stand with my ideas and goals. I searched for over one year and interviewed many webmasters before I contracted with Shelley. I found that it was easier to have a solo practice, too. Your desire to help people is admirable. I think we all attract the people we are supposed to attract, for one reason or another. Hope your day is good,

– Jill, Plano, TX

Subject: our web site-your creation!!!!!!! I am so proud of you Shelley, You are brilliant!! It looks great!!!!! I love it!

– ES, Dallas, TX

Shelley, Brilliant and creative one, are you saying that I don’t have to set up anything? I am so glad you are my webmaster!!! I feel the success from your work.

– Ellen, Dallas, TX

Hi Shelley, You have done a wonderful job………. I love your work! You’re great… I’ll recommend you to all my business associates.

– Michael, Dallas, TX

Shelley, I just wanted to tell you we have been getting a couple of leads a week from the website. I think it’s doing a great job for us. Thank you,

– Scott, Fort Worth, TX

You’re worth every $$$$$. Shelley, Greg just told me to check out the website so I did. Oh, my Gosh!!! I am so thrilled I can hardly type. This looks so wonderful and I love the bulletin board… Shelley this is cool!!! You Rock!

– Tarie, Arlington, TX

Hi Shelley, Hope you are doing well. We’ve been up and running here in Florida for 7 months and are doing good…. I hope your business is going well. I know Victory (my dad) is super happy with your work. We tell everyone you’re the best! Thanks,

– MD, Dallas, TX