A Quick, 5-Minute Guide to Getting Results from Guest Blogging
08/05/15 Content Marketing

A Quick, 5-Minute Guide to Getting Results from Guest Blogging

Guest posts still work in 2015, and will continue to in the years ahead. Learn how to make the best of it in your spare time in this post.

Guest blog posts used to be super-powerful for your search rankings. Then Google put the kibosh on that early in 2014. That’s because some SEOs intentionally wrote hundreds of low-quality guest posts, trying to turbocharge their rankings.

You can still guest post today. But you have to make an honest attempt at contributing value on an authoritative website.

It’s okay to add your link at the end, but make sure it does not contain your keywords exactly or partially. Use your URL, company name, or random text instead.

Now, let me explain what to actually do:

  1. Write to Get Attention

2 million blog posts were written per day in 2012 – the most recent year I have statistics for.

What do you think that number is now?

Limitless numbers of people write posts to inform. One way to make your post stand out is to dispel conventional wisdom.

That gives readers a reason to pay attention to you instead of someone else. You don’t have to be in-your-face about it.

Just say,”In our experience, most customers think this. But that’s not true. This is why…”

  1. Find Blogs with a Decent Amount of Social Shares

As you consider who to write for, only write for blogs with at least 25-50 social shares on most of their posts. You can guest post for blogs with almost no social shares.

You’ll get the authority from the link. But why not get more with the same amount of work?

It’s not any harder to become an author at a blog with a few more shares. In addition to the link, you might also score:

  • A few new clients
  • More social shares
  • A couple more links

If the blog has hundreds or thousands of shares, becoming an author can take months. So you’ll have to decide if that works for you.

  1. How to Get Approved as a Guest Author

This gets harder every day. It’s because everyone knows how Google focuses on content. So quality websites get more pitches to be guest authors these days.

Every website’s different. Google “their site name” and “contribute,” “guest post,” or “write for us.”

The smaller sites with 50 social shares are fairly easy to post for. Send an e-mail with your post idea according to their contributor guidelines. Follow up a couple times if you don’t hear back in a couple days.

This process is even easier for blogs with no social shares. But, then you don’t get as good of results either.

At the big-time blogs, you have to build relationships with either the owners or editors. Share their stuff on social media. Comment on their posts. Send a “Tweet” or “thinking of you” e-mail with something you like about them or their blog.

It’s kind of a crapshoot at the big blogs. But, you can get great SEO and a nice boost to your reputation if you work them well.

Knock Your Post Out of the Park!

That’s the quick guide to guest posting in 2015. It should be a part of your SEO strategy.

And of course, you have so much extra time on your hands!

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How to Write Amazing Content that Leads to Sales
07/01/15 Content Marketing

How to Write Amazing Content that Leads to Sales

Tracking the number of sales you get directly from your content is hard.

Like, really hard.

For example, it’s extremely rare any single blog post you write makes the sale now. Instead, content builds a relationship slowly over time, until months later when someone needs your product or service, they buy from you.

When someone calls you, how do you know your blog influenced them to act? If you ask them how they heard about you, they might say, “Oh, a friend told me.” But in reality, that friend may have told them, and then they read your blog and e-mail newsletter, and now they’re buying for all those reasons.

While you may not be able to perfectly track your ROI, there’s all sorts of statistics proving its value. Kapost, a leading provider of content marketing services, found website conversion is about 2.9% for businesses that use content marketing versus .5% for those that don’t.

Simply follow these tips to write powerful content that sells:

  1. Use Interesting Headline Formulas

“How to…” and “10 Tips for…” are your basic go-tos. But they’re getting boring and people are becoming blind to them because they’ve seen these titles thousands of times now.

Try some of these unique variations out:

  • How to [Do something] that [Gets benefit interesting to your readers] – just like this post title uses
  • 13 Warning Signs That… [Problem that keeps your readers up at night]
  • The 5 Laws for… [Authoritative solution to your customer’s problem]
  • How to Take Charge of Your [Unruly problem] – credit the last 2 ideas here to blogging expert Jon Morrow
  1. Write Explicitly for a Single Audience

If you attempt to target 2 or more, that’s a marketing nightmare. Let the big brands market to different audience segments.

As a small business, you need to focus on serving a niche. This means both knowing who and who not to write to.

Your audience must be specific. For example, you don’t want to sell “consulting services” to “SMB owners.” You want to “mentor new CEOs and Presidents at healthcare companies with revenues $10 million or less who are overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of their positions.”

  1. Don’t Use Bland Language or Complex Jargon

Imagine you walk into your 12-year-old child’s class to talk about what your business does. That’s how you should write your web content.

No joke!

That’s the way people want their information these days. One of your children around might be around this age, and you could practice with them.

Sit down and have a conversation.

Once they get what you say with 100% accuracy, you know how to communicate your business to web readers.

It Helps to be a Professional Writer, But You Don’t Have to Be One!

You do, however, have to be a skilled communicator. Follow these tips, and you know how to write content that sells.

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