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How To Prep Your SMB Website for Voice Search

Posted by Jeff Tropiano on  2017-07-15

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The numbers on the use of Google’s voice search disagree in specific, but they all agree on one major trend: explosive growth. From 2015-2016, voice search grew from 0% of all Google searches to around 10%. This includes all major voice search options in the market, like Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. A recent survey of 39 leading SEO experts resulted in voice search becoming the third most powerful SEO trend in 2017.
Proximity to Searcher is Now The #1 Local Search Ranking Factor
Moz, by far the best source of credible SEO info, recently released its 2017 local search ranking factors study. Basically, they ask for the opinions of dozens of local SEO consultants. And then they aggregate the opinions to get their data. This year, the proximity of the searcher to the address they’re searching for became the top factor for determining search rankings. So, all you have to do is create a floating warehouse that uses
Google Ramps Up Effort to Weed Out Factually Inaccurate Content
Remember when Al Gore famously said he “created the internet?” See him saying it here at about 50 seconds into the video: Who knows his intent. Maybe he just got caught up in the moment and lost track of what he was saying. Regardless, it was a factually inaccurate statement. When you consider search, Google wants to remove as much factually inaccurate content from its results as possible. Google employs hundreds of people to manually
Should You Still Focus on Keyword Rankings in 2017?
For quite some time, SEOs have sold their clients based on good rankings. Clients look at the rankings, notice the uptick in their business, and then they decide the SEO’s worth keeping. But with Google personalizing search, cramming paid ads at the top of its search pages, and constantly updating its algorithm, is this really a good way to measure SEO success? Let’s take a closer look. The Problem with Search Rankings Really, we just
Google Rocks the SEO World with "Fred" Update
Google pulled a big surprise on the SEO world this time. The “Fred” update, as it’s accidentally been called, has annihilated as much as 50-90% of the traffic from some websites. Details weren’t clear at first. However, this is what it’s currently believed “Fred” has done: 1. Pushed websites with poor link profiles down the search rankings 2. Removed websites really designed to make money off affiliate ads and revenues (versus genuinely helping searchers) from