• 4 Benefits of Bing Ads Over Google Adwords
    21/01/17 SEO

    4 Benefits of Bing Ads Over Google Adwords

    If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ve heard me mention Bing Ads as an alternative to Google Adwords.

    …But why?

    Isn’t Google the god of search?

    Well, yes. With search results they rock.

    But Bing Ads really is an awesome alternative to Adwords.

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  • How to Make Facebook Work for Your SMB in 2017
    13/01/17 Social Media

    How to Make Facebook Work for Your SMB in 2017

    One of the funniest things about businesses is that they get upset and surprised when Facebook changes how it works so your posts show up to fewer people when you publish them. You call this “organic reach.” And the reason it’s silly to be surprised that Facebook does this is because it’s a publicly traded company. On its IPO, it traded at $38.23. Then, its price plummeted all the way to $18.06 shortly thereafter.

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  • 3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Content to Boost Your Search Rankings 
    28/12/16 Content Marketing

    3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Content to Boost Your Search Rankings 

    How do you get your amazing content the attention it deserves? It’s getting harder but it’s not impossible. Learn how to promote your content so you shoot up the search rankings while your competitors scratch their heads in confusion. Have you ever thought about how much content is online? As you probably have guessed, it’s quite a bit. No one knows a precisely accurate number. Consultant Maurice de Kunder estimates the size of the indexed web at about 48 billion pages.

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  • Adwords Expands Headline Length – Why Should You Care?
    11/11/16 SEO

    Adwords Expands Headline Length – Why Should You Care?

    Google Adwords now gives you 5 more characters in the headline and 10 more in the description. This could mean thousands more in revenue. Find out why. All right, so Google made some new changes. At least this time, they’re not taking away your search rankings! Instead, you get a positive change. And if you take advantage, you can grow your business quite nicely…

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  • Website Owners Rejoice! Google Penguin Real-Time Is a Big Win
    10/11/16 Google's Algorithm Updates

    Website Owners Rejoice! Google Penguin Real-Time Is a Big Win

    Google’s really getting some things right with Penguin 4.0 Real-Time. Learn why, and what it does, in this post. Did you know that it’s been more than 700 days since the last update to Google Penguin? At the time in 2012, the first Penguin update was earth-shattering event for SEOs and webmasters. Now, Penguin’s changes will come much faster and with practically no warning.

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  • Google Possum is Live… Now What?
    10/11/16 Google's Algorithm Updates

    Google Possum is Live… Now What?

    Google released the biggest local search update since Pigeon in 2014. What’s it do? How do you need to react? Google’s made everyone hate cute’n’friendly animals like penguins, pandas, and pigeons. Okay, so maybe pigeons don’t belong in that category. But, you get the point. By the way, do you ever get angry at Google when you see a penguin, panda, or pigeon? Just curious. Now, you have to add possums to the category of animals Google has demonized…

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  • 10/11/16 Google's Algorithm Updates

    Why Google Decimated the Local 3-Pack & How to Protect Yourself

    Google made a major change to the Local 3-Pack. Why? What should you do about this, if anything? Some SEOs awoke to a nasty surprise on Friday, September 2. Others shouted in jubilation! What happened this time? Google made an update to the Local 3-Pack. You’ve seen it many times before. It looks like this:

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  • The Most Important Things to Build Trust on Your Website
    25/07/16 Content Marketing

    The Most Important Things to Build Trust on Your Website

    What turns visitors into customers on your website? Lots of things. Adding these 6 core trust elements will boost your sales. In an age where anyone with an internet connection can immediately become a business, what’s more important than building trust? Not much…

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  • What Causes Your Search Rankings to Fluctuate?
    25/07/16 SEO

    What Causes Your Search Rankings to Fluctuate?

    Why do your search rankings change from month-to-month? Could be any of a million things. Learn some common reasons why this happens in this post. With some keywords, you move just a couple spots or so. With others, you slide up or down 80-100. I’m sure you’re used to it by now. You take a look at your monthly search rankings report. In SEO, that’s completely normal. Everyone experiences this. Why does it happen?

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  • What Are Digital Marketing Micromoments?
    25/06/16 Content Marketing

    What Are Digital Marketing Micromoments?

    Have you heard of “micromoments?” In digital marketing they’re small opportunities to win new customers. Learn more in this post.

    Can you tell me what a “micromoment” is?

    I’m sure just by looking at the word you can offer a guess.

    In digital marketing, it refers to four situations, according to Google. And that’s when consumers want to:

    1. Know
    2. Go
    3. Do
    4. Buy

    How do you make sure you’ve designed your website so you’ve maximized your opportunity to capture your share of marketing “micromoments?” Well, it’s not easy.

    But here’s some steps you can follow:

    1. See How Many Searches Come from Mobile Devices

    The overwhelming majority of “micromoments” happen on smartphones. It’s logical. When someone wants to know, go, do, or buy, they’re going to whip out their smartphone and search.

    For the keywords you target, you can see the number of mobile searches on that term per month in Google’s Keyword Planner. Check it out in action here for the keyword “Dallas HVAC:”


    Let’s see, 63.3% come from computers, and 32.2% from mobile devices. Makes sense. When people need an HVAC contractor, they’re probably at home and search on their desktop computer. And they probably search rather carefully, to make sure they find the best one.

    They’re not out and about and suddenly decide they have the need to find an HVAC service.

    1. At A High Level, You Need To Do This

    With micromoments, these are the high-level criteria you need to fulfill to be successful:

    1. Being present – You musts know the micromoments for your industry and have a plan for addressing them.
    2. Being useful – Whatever the consumer’s need, you must be able to fulfill it – now.
    3. Being quick – Mobile searchers want fast answers. You must give them exactly what they want in seconds.

    Google observes that people stay more loyal to the micromoment need they have than they do the brand. So, if you’re worried about them using you versus big-name competitors, let go of that.

    1. Use Micromoment Mapping to Meet Your Customer’s Needs

    For each of the four “micromoment” situations (know, go, do, buy), you must create your own custom map. Use these simple questions to guide the creation process:

    • What would potential customers like to know about the products and services you offer?
    • What might customers search that would lead them to physically visiting your location?
    • What would customers come to your location to do, and how might they search for that?
    • What would customers buy from you, and how would they compare that to the competition?

    As you can see, these questions don’t have simple or fast answers. And the answers will certainly change over time.

    But, the more intensely you study them, the better. That’s all for now… and all the best to you as you work on optimizing your website for customer “micromoments.”

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