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Social Media Infographic
Do your social media profiles resemble the Texas town of Adobes?  What, you’ve never heard of it? That’s because it fell from a booming farming community in the 1870s to a town of lonely and abandoned ruins and buildings sitting in a rocky prairie (It’s about 6 miles southeast of the town of Chinati in Presidio County if you ever want to visit!). If your social media profiles look like that, know the situation isn’t
Social Media Strategy
As a small business owner, you’ve already got more than enough to contend with on your plate.  Now after you talk with your SEO professional, they’re telling you that you need to get social shares to rank well! How the heck are you supposed to do that in addition to all your other responsibilities? Well, if you don’t have the time to develop your own social media plan, then here’s a quick, cookie-cutter one you
Social Media Guide
Did you ever wonder who uses the various social media sites and why? The answer to that question could save you a ton of time and focus your social media marketing efforts! There’s at least 7 of them with enough subscribers to develop a presence on (Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Vimeo), so which one’s most worth your time? That all depends on who you’re marketing to.  It’s actually pretty difficult to find
Multiple Locations on a Map
If you are having a Google ranking problem, it is critical to make sure you do not have addresses and phone numbers you don’t know about cited online creating possible Google confusion or location spam. You can do this by searching for your company name on Google, Bing and Yahoo (and also check the local maps section of these search engines). Look for any current and past phone numbers and addresses you may have used.
Things to Help Your Search Engine Rankings

6 Tips to Help Your Rankings on Google

Posted by Jeff Tropiano on  2014-11-19
Category: SEO
Make sure you have Google+ Authorship and Publisher code installed and working properly on your site. Install a sharebar on all your webpages so people can interact socially with your site’s content. Revisit your existing content and try to make it as unique, educational and informative as possible. Make sure you have at least 500 words per page, but 800-1,000 is better. Make sure you have a blog installed on your website and that you