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Build Trust Increase Website Sales
What turns visitors into customers on your website? Lots of things. Adding these 6 core trust elements will boost your sales. In an age where anyone with an internet connection can immediately become a business, what’s more important than building trust? Not much… When people visit your website, they need to know right away that you’re a real company or person, and that you’re good at what you do. Otherwise, they’ll leave and find someone else
What Causes Your Search Rankings to Fluctuate?

What Causes Your Search Rankings to Fluctuate?

Posted by Jeff Tropiano on  2016-07-25

Category: SEO
Why do your search rankings change from month-to-month? Could be any of a million things. Learn some common reasons why this happens in this post. With some keywords, you move just a couple spots or so. With others, you slide up or down 80-100. I’m sure you’re used to it by now. You take a look at your monthly search rankings report. In SEO, that’s completely normal. Everyone experiences this. Why does it happen? Some of
target your customer with micromoments
Have you heard of “micromoments?” In digital marketing they’re small opportunities to win new customers. Learn more in this post. Can you tell me what a “micromoment” is? I’m sure just by looking at the word you can offer a guess. In digital marketing, it refers to four situations, according to Google. And that’s when consumers want to: Know Go Do Buy How do you make sure you’ve designed your website so you’ve maximized your
Google's Rank Brain
What do you know about Google’s RankBrain? There’s scattered and varying information on it. Learn what it’s really about in this post. Ever heard of Google’s “RankBrain?” The gist of Rankbrain is that it’s artificial intelligence that finds and ranks websites. And rather than manual updates to Google’s core search algorithm, Rankbrain’s going to handle many of those changes on its own. Up to this point, however, you probably haven’t noticed much of a difference
Think SEO is Dead with Spending at $65 Billion This Year?
SEO will not die anytime soon. You’ll get a great ROI from your investment. Learn why in this post. Remember how the Yellow Pages used to be the place to advertise? You could pay a few hundred dollars for a one-inch ad. And the cost of a full-page ad would run well over $10,000. But back in the day before the internet, it was well worth it because that’s where everyone looked for SMB contact