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How do you get your amazing content the attention it deserves? It’s getting harder but it’s not impossible. Learn how to promote your content so you shoot up the search rankings while your competitors scratch their heads in confusion. Have you ever thought about how much content is online? As you probably have guessed, it’s quite a bit. No one knows a precisely accurate number. Consultant Maurice de Kunder estimates the size of the indexed
Screen displays Google advertising program
Google Adwords now gives you 5 more characters in the headline and 10 more in the description. This could mean thousands more in revenue. Find out why. All right, so Google made some new changes. At least this time, they’re not taking away your search rankings! Instead, you get a positive change. And if you take advantage, you can grow your business quite nicely… For now, they’re increasing the character count of their Adwords ads.
Google Penguin Real-Time Is a Big Win
Google’s really getting some things right with Penguin 4.0 Real-Time. Learn why, and what it does, in this post. Did you know that it’s been more than 700 days since the last update to Google Penguin? At the time in 2012, the first Penguin update was earth-shattering event for SEOs and webmasters. Now, Penguin’s changes will come much faster and with practically no warning. According to information from Search Engine Journal, Google says it will
Google Possum
Google released the biggest local search update since Pigeon in 2014. What’s it do? How do you need to react? Google’s made everyone hate cute’n’friendly animals like penguins, pandas, and pigeons. Okay, so maybe pigeons don’t belong in that category. But, you get the point. By the way, do you ever get angry at Google when you see a penguin, panda, or pigeon? Just curious. Now, you have to add possums to the category of animals
Google made a major change to the Local 3-Pack. Why? What should you do about this, if anything? Some SEOs awoke to a nasty surprise on Friday, September 2. Others shouted in jubilation! What happened this time? Google made an update to the Local 3-Pack. You’ve seen it many times before. It looks like this: Anyway, as you’d expect, those 3 listings get the most clicks out of any organic listing on a search results page.