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Why Hire an SEO Agency?

Posted by Jeff Tropiano on  2020-07-16

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It’s every small and local business owner’s plight: what can you do yourself versus what should you hire out? Every business relies on marketing, sales, operations, accounting, human resources, and other functions..  And now, especially for small and local businesses, you have to add SEO/internet marketing to the mix.  So, you have to decide which hats you can and can’t wear.  Here’s why you should hire someone else to do your SEO:  Done Correctly by
Because Google says so…that’s why!  Well, that’s the easy answer. But it really doesn’t go into enough depth.  However, Google does make the rules of the internet. See this chart that shows the percentage of searches done on Google over the past year:  Source: Statcounter If you follow the above link and look back for years, the chart looks exactly the same. The only reason Baidu and Yandex get any market share lies in the

How UX Impacts SEO

Posted by Jeff Tropiano on  2020-05-22

Category: SEO
We provide customized SEO services that drive traffic to your site and help boost your online rankings. Best Dallas SEO is your premier search engine content publishing, web design, and website maintenance company. We offer a free evaluation of your website to assess your current ranking and determine your optimization needs. Unlike other SEO companies, we use that information to create a customized strategy that integrates marketing and advertising. These factors help improve your search
The coronavirus (COVID 19) has been declared a pandemic. It is affecting countries and businesses significantly and is causing a drastic evolution of the digital market. If you’re not considered an essential business, you’re probably having a hard time right now. So, it’s really important that you market your business. You don’t want to be behind when the country opens back up. 8 Solid Reasons Why You Need Internet Marketing During This Time 1. Your
Managing content on your website can be challenging if you don’t have a developer on staff. Without some basic coding knowledge, building a website can be time-consuming and tedious. That’s why you need an all-in-one CMS solution.   A comprehensive CMS solution gives you the tools you need to register your domain, host your site, and build it without any extensive coding skills. Even with research and planning, it’s common to outgrow your CMS. That’s when